Rema's Ballon d'Or Show Demonstrates Afrobeats Influence in Sports
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Sports - October 31, 2023

Rema’s Ballon d’Or Show Demonstrates Afrobeats Influence in Sports

In an unexpected yet harmonious blending of the worlds of music and sport, the Ballon d’Or ceremony, hosted in France, was graced by the sounds of Nigeria’s Afrobeat prodigy, Rema. While the evening celebrated Lionel Messi’s unparalleled achievement of securing his eighth Ballon d’Or, it was Rema’s melodies that encapsulated the night’s essence, reflecting the indomitable spirit of Afrobeats and its burgeoning influence in sporting arenas worldwide.

Drawing audiences in with the pulsating rhythms of ‘Calm Down’, Rema showcased what Afrobeat has become which is a global phenomenon. The high-octane beats echoed in a hall filled with the titans of football and ardent fans from both the sporting and musical realms. 

In the world of sports, It’s not just the pitches and stadiums where the rhythm thrives, from the warm-up playlists to victory dances in locker rooms, Afrobeats’ energy is omnipresent.

Rema’s emotions went high after his electrifying performance, voiced his sentiments on social media. He said, “Afrobeat in Ballon d’Or! Overflowing gratitude for such a moment. It’s grace from above,” reflected the humility behind the superstar.

The global stage has seen other Afrobeat luminaries shine too. Burna Boy’s exhilarating act at the Champions League finale and Davido’s performance at the World Cup are testaments. There is a possibility to have an Afrobeats-centric in the upcoming Super Bowl halftime which would be a move that promises to be revolutionary.

Amidst the Afrobeat beats, the Ballon d’Or had another monumental moment to offer. Aitana Bonmat of Barcelona’s female contingent was heralded with the female Ballon d’Or, showcasing the ascension and global recognition of women in football.

Concluding the Ballon d’Or, it wasn’t just about individual accolades or sporting legends. Rema’s performance was symbolic of a larger narrative. Afrobeats, with its vibrant melodies and rhythms, is no longer just a musical genre, it’s a movement, creating ripples even in the sanctum of global sports. The evening underscored this,  Afrobeats, led by artists like Rema, is not only here to stay but to thrive and influence.

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