5 Untapped Business Opportunities in Africa
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Business - November 3, 2023

5 Untapped Business Opportunities in Africa

Africa, a continent bursting with potential, is an exciting frontier for untapped business opportunities. With a dynamic young population and a landscape ripe for innovation, Africa presents unique prospects for savvy investors and entrepreneurs. These opportunities are not just plentiful but also diverse, covering areas yet to be fully explored or leveraged. 

For investors and businesspeople ready to innovate and adapt, Africa’s untapped markets present a fertile ground for growth, impact, and long-term success. This burgeoning landscape is where ambition meets possibility, inviting the world to participate in its economic renaissance. 

These ventures not only promise economic returns but also hold the key to transformative social impact. Africa’s untapped markets await, ready for those willing to dive into a world of vast possibilities and harness the true spirit of entrepreneurial adventure. Let’s look into some of the untapped opportunities in Africa.

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling and Waste Management, with only 7.3% of MSMEs in the industry, presents untapped business opportunities in Africa. Entrepreneurs can innovate in waste collection, establish recycling centers, create organic compost enterprises, or provide waste management services to local communities and businesses. This sector not only promises profitability but also contributes to environmental sustainability and job creation in a continent poised for ecological and economic advancements.

Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Technology and artificial Intelligence, with a modest presence of 12.1% of MSMEs, is swiftly gaining momentum in Africa. As the continent becomes increasingly tech-savvy, a door opens for various small business ideas. Potential ventures include crafting websites, developing apps, designing user interfaces and experiences, and delving into AI-driven solutions. Notable players like Lesaka Technologies, MTN Group, and Jumia Technologies are already spearheading tech advancements in Africa, signaling a robust market for new entrants. This growth area offers not just profit, but a chance to be at the forefront of Africa’s digital transformation.

Data Science & Storage

Data Science and storage, engaging 12.1% of MSMEs in the industry, is a sector on the rise in Africa. The future looks bright as data becomes central to decision-making. There’s a growing demand for small businesses that can offer cloud computing, data storage, and analytics services, especially to other businesses. As companies across Africa seek to harness data for growth, opportunities for new ventures in this space are expanding rapidly. This field not only offers strong financial prospects but also plays a crucial role in the continent’s technological progression.

Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition, with a surprisingly low 1.4% of MSMEs involved, is a sector with vast potential in Africa. Small businesses have the chance to make a big impact in areas like diet guidance, medical supplies, handling healthcare billing, and running fitness and yoga classes. There’s also room to innovate in managing medical records. These opportunities are not just profitable; they also address critical needs for a healthier Africa and contribute to the well-being of its communities. As the continent’s awareness and demand for health services grow, so does the space for new businesses to thrive.


Tourism, with only 1.1% of MSMEs tapping into it, holds untapped business opportunities in Africa, known for its breathtaking tourist spots. Small business owners have a chance to flourish by setting up travel planning services, car rental companies, event planning entities, specialty travel agencies, or by launching tourism magazines. These ventures can capture the essence of Africa’s allure, opening doors for entrepreneurs to share and capitalize on the continent’s vast, yet underexploited, tourism potential.

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