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5 African Female Finance Experts You Should Know

In the African continent, female finance experts are increasingly at the forefront, steering economic strategies and fostering financial inclusion. These trailblazing women are breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex economic challenges. 

Their contributions are not just changing the face of African finance, they’re also inspiring a new generation of young women to aim for leadership roles. From shaping fiscal policies to leading major financial institutions, these experts are integral to the continent’s financial health and prosperity. This spotlight on African female finance experts is a testament to their expertise, leadership, and resilience in a competitive and ever-evolving landscape. Let’s look into some African women who are finance experts.

Louise Mushikiwabo

Louise Mushikiwabo stands as a shining example among African female finance experts, having made significant strides in the economic and financial sectors. As a Rwandan politician and diplomat, she has held pivotal roles, including that of the Minister of Finance, where she worked tirelessly to boost her country’s economic stability and growth. 

Mushikiwabo’s influence extends beyond Rwanda’s borders, having also served as the Secretary-General of La Francophonie, showcasing her expertise on an international stage. Her contributions underscore the critical role women play in Africa’s financial narrative.

Arese Ugwu

Arese Ugwu has emerged as a beacon for the new generation of African female finance experts, captivating audiences with her bestselling book, “The Smart Money Woman.” This trailblazing novel weaves financial literacy into engaging storytelling, resonating powerfully across the continent. Through her initiative, Smart Money Africa, Ugwu is committed to guiding young Africans on the journey to financial empowerment.

Her platform encourages the millennial generation to gain control over their finances, emphasizing the critical importance of acquiring financial knowledge to not only earn money but to also save and expand it. Ugwu’s work is an inspiring chapter in the broader narrative of African women leading the charge in the finance industry.

Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi shines prominently in the constellation of global female finance experts, carving out a significant niche as a money maestro for women. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and best-selling author, her influence stretches far and wide. She’s the mastermind behind Clever Girl Finance, a vast personal finance platform with a mission to equip women in the U.S. with the necessary tools for financial success. 

Her work tirelessly propels women toward financial savvy, encouraging them to take accountability, escape debt, and cultivate savings to build substantial wealth. Sokunbi’s dedication to fostering financial literacy among women cements her status as a visionary in the realm of personal finance.

Aruma Oteh

As a Nigerian national who served as Treasurer and Vice President of the World Bank, Arunma Oteh was also the Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission in Nigeria. The Nigerian economist has also held various positions at the African Development Bank and is known for her work on developing financial systems.

Anne-Marie Chidzero 

Anne-Marie Chidzero is a financier with over 20 years of experience in microfinance and investment in African markets. She is the Chief Investment Officer at Alitheia IDF, a private equity fund designed to invest in women-led businesses across Africa.

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