Nigeria and Algeria to Forge MoU to Resume Direct Flights 
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News - 3 weeks ago

Nigeria and Algeria to Forge MoU to Resume Direct Flights 

Nigeria and Algeria are on the cusp of forging a significant partnership as they prepare to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at establishing flights direct routes between the two countries. Festus Keyamo, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, made this announcement, highlighting the positive implications of this move for both nations.

According to Keyamo, the MoU is in its final stages, and in just a few months, travelers can expect direct flights connecting Algeria, Lagos, Abuja, and Oran. This development comes as a result of Algeria’s proactive efforts to reopen the route between Algiers and Lagos and add Abuja to their itinerary. In exchange, Nigeria insists on reciprocity for its local airline operators, which Algeria has agreed to.

Hocine Latli, Ambassador of Algeria in Nigeria, expressed the importance of this direct flight connection, emphasizing that it’s a critical component of a stronger partnership between the two countries. 

He highlighted the mutual benefits of such an agreement, underlining the significance of direct flights in fostering cooperation and bolstering ties between Nigeria and Algeria.

The introduction of direct flights is a momentous step toward enhancing the relationship between these African nations. It is expected to facilitate easier travel, promote tourism, and create new business opportunities. 

The signing of this MoU signifies a promising future of collaboration and cooperation between Nigeria and Algeria, not only in the realm of aviation but also in trade, investment, and culture. Nigeria and Algeria are set to strengthen their bonds through these direct flights, marking a significant milestone in their diplomatic relations.

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