Yesufu Raises Alarm: Foresees Protests More Aggressive than EndSARS
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Yesufu Raises Alarm: Foresees Protests More Aggressive than EndSARS 

Renowned socio-political activist, Aisha Yesufu, has sounded a somber warning of a potentially more intense protest movement than the 2020 nationwide EndSARS protests that shook Nigeria to its core.

The EndSARS movement started as a decentralized social movement, characterized by mass protests demanding an end to police brutality in the country. The rallying cry called for the disbandment of the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit within the Nigeria Police Force notorious for its alleged abuses and excesses.

These protests, which initially gained momentum on Twitter, evolved into massive demonstrations that engulfed major cities across Nigeria. Tragically, the movement was marred by violence, resulting in the tragic loss of many young Nigerian lives.

Aisha Yesufu, who played a prominent role as an activist during the EndSARS protests, has now issued a stark warning to the nation. She believes that Nigerians might soon find themselves facing another wave of protests, and this time, it could be even more powerful and forceful.

Yesufu highlighted that simmering anger is widespread throughout the country, stemming from the pervasive impunity and audacity displayed by corrupt politicians and leaders who have manipulated their way into positions of power.

In a thought-provoking message shared on social media, Yesufu stated, “Nobody saw the #EndSARS protest coming. Nobody will see the next uprising coming. Sadly, it might end up being violent. There is a simmering anger fueled by the impunity and brazenness of the corrupt politicians and rulers who have rigged their way into power. Nobody will be spared.”

Yesufu’s cautionary words serve as a reminder of the underlying issues and discontent that still exist within Nigerian society. As the nation reflects on her message, the possibility of future protests, their intensity, and their potential outcomes remain subjects of concern and contemplation.

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