Guinness World Records Holder Jaan Roose Performs Tightrope Walk in Lagos
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Guinness World Records Holder Jaan Roose Performs Tightrope Walk in Lagos

Estonian slackliner and Guinness World Records holder Jaan Roose took Lagos by storm as he fearlessly walked a tightrope from Sterling Towers to Onome rig, Marina, Lagos State. Known for his nerves of steel, the 31-year-old is a three-time world champion, renowned for executing a double backflip on a slackline, a feat unmatched in the world of extreme sports.

In a city not accustomed to the art of slacklining, Mr. Roose transformed Lagos State into his gravity-defying playground, navigating train tracks and bridges with seamless precision. Teaming up with the Lagos State Government and the Lagos State Safety Commission, the record holder aimed to capture the ‘Perfect Lagos Selfie’ as he showcased the beauty of the vibrant city.

Red Bull, the driving force behind the project, showcased a trending video capturing Jaan Roose’s daring feat, featuring his mesmerizing walk across the bridge and train tracks at the CMS bus stop in Lagos. 

Gboyega Akosile, Chief Press Secretary of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, shared the vision on Instagram, emphasizing Red Bull’s goal of capturing the essence of Lagos through the lens of Jaan Roose’s extraordinary talents.

What you should know about Jaan Roose

Jaan Roose, the 31-year-old Estonian dynamo, has not only set the Guinness world records but has also performed as a Hollywood stuntman, adding an extra layer of thrill to his already breathtaking slacklining journey. 

From mind-bending tricks to being the first athlete to execute a double backflip on a slackline, Roose’s prowess extends beyond competitive slacklining. His captivating journey includes sharing the stage with pop icon Madonna during her MDNA World Tour and performing daring stunts in films like Assassin’s Creed.

For Jaan Roose, the thrill of showcasing his extraordinary talent goes beyond competition, and as he turns Lagos into his spectacular stage, audiences can anticipate witnessing a Perfect Lagos Selfie, a breathtaking moment captured in the heart of Nigeria’s most populous city, courtesy of the gravity-defying Guinness World records slackliner 

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