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Suella Braverman’s Exit: Assessing the Impact on African Migrants in the UK

The recent sack of Suella Braverman by UK’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was greeted with delight and enthusiasm from the migrant community, both within the United Kingdom and globally.

Her sack as the UK’s home secretary has sparked discussions about potential shifts in government policies. For African migrants residing in the UK, this development raises questions about the trajectory of immigration policies and the impact on their communities.

Braverman’s Role in Immigration Policy
Suella Braverman, during her tenure, was involved in shaping and implementing various legal aspects, including immigration policies. A controversial figure, many disliked her for her stance on the issue of migration and her thoughts that illegal immigration was ”out of control” while also describing migrants coming into the UK as an “invasion”.

She stoked controversy with her claim that rough sleeping is a “lifestyle choice” and outlined plans to restrict homeless people from using tents.

Her comment on the recent protest by Palestinians in the UK on the ongoing Israel-Hamas battle stoked the hornets nest. In an article for The Times newspaper, she went further, adding: “I do not believe that these marches are merely a cry for help for Gaza.

“They are an assertion of primacy by certain groups – particularly Islamists – of the kind we are more used to seeing in Northern Ireland.

“Also, disturbingly reminiscent of Ulster are the reports that some of Saturday’s march group organisers have links to terrorist groups, including Hamas.” 

Many saw this as a wrong view on the reality on ground.

With Braverman’s exit, there is likely going to be a change in the coming days, below are likely developments toe expect:

Potential Policy Changes

With Ms. Braverman’s exit, many foresee a potential change in policy direction. It is likely that the UK government might now consider a broader approach to immigration, with shifts in enforcement, and or changes in legislation that could affect African migrants residing in the UK.

Impact on African Migrant Communities

With a potential change in policy direction, this is likely to impact areas such as visa processing, work permits, residency requirements that directly affect and influence the lives of migrants and their families.

Looking Ahead

For African migrants hoping to come into the United Kingdom sometime soon, it is important to keep eyes on the developments as it happens around immigration policies. 

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