Ghana’s Samuel Tetteh-Korboe Wins 2019 International Cocoa Awards

Mr. Samuel Tetteh-Korboe, a Ghanaian cocoa farmer from Nobi in the Tafo Cocoa District of the Eastern Region won at the 2019 International Cocoa Awards ceremony in Paris, France.

Mr. Korboe was named among five winners from the Africa and Indian Ocean region, and twenty globally.

Mr. Korboe has been named one of five winners from the Africa and Indian Ocean region and twenty from the world.

In a press release published in Paris, organisers of the Cocoa of Excellence Awards announced that 50 candidates had been selected for the 2019 edition of the International Cocoa Awards, following a process of selection and evaluation of 223 samples of cocoa produced by 55 cocoa-producing countries.

Three cocoa farmers from Ghana were also selected, namely Augustine Blay and Joseph Jongmaatey, both from Elubo in the western region and Samuel Tetteh-Korboe from Akyem-Tafo Nobi in the eastern region.

The winners of the world were celebrated at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, shinning the international spotlight on the work of cocoa producers and the diversity of cocoa in the world.

The Cocoa Excellence Program (CoEx), a biennial event led by Bioversity International (now the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT) and the Salon du Chocolat recognises the quality, flavour and diversity of cocoa according to their origin.

Cocoa diversity is vital for production, as it provides the different flavours, resistance to pests and diseases, and resilience in climate change. Providing incentives for safeguarding cocoa diversity to farmers and national organizations ensures a portfolio of options remain available for the future.

“The most remarkable evolution of the Cocoa of Excellence Programme is the enthusiasm of the cocoa-producing countries to participate in greater numbers every edition. We started this great adventure in 2009 with 20 countries and today we have 55 countries and hope that at the next Edition in 2021 we will reach 70″, said Brigitte Laliberté, Cocoa of Excellence Programme Coordinator, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT.

Brigitte Laliberté added, “we are entering a new era for cacao that makes us discover all the potential and the pleasures that its genetic diversity, its environment, its culture, and the know-how of all these women and men that grow cocoa and upon which their prosperity depends”.

In a telephone conversation with Mr Korboe soon after the awards, the Professional Accountant dedicated his award to Ghana Cocoa and COCOBOD. “Ghana Cocoa is the ultimate winner alongside COCOBOD and its research wing, the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana as well as the Cocoa Health and Extension Division”, he said.

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