Jude Igwemezie: A Nigerian Engineer Wins $500m Monorail Contract in Iraq

Jude Igwemezie, a Nigerian engineer based in Canada, has just won a $500 million contract to build a monorail network in Iraq. The monorail network will consist of tracks with single rails, generally raised to allow the suspension of trains.

Jude Igwemezie, who was also trained in Canada, heads TransGlobim International, the engineering firm that won the contract to construct the monorail network for Najaf, Iraq.

According to Igwemezie, the construction, which would be completed in three years, and built in two phases, would connect three Islamic holy and historic mosques in Imam Ali, Kufa and  Sahle, all in the city of Najaf.

The first phase will cover the design, construction and operation of the system while the second phase will involve the expansion of the system and its extension to the Najaf airport and the final phase.

Speaking on how he was able to get the contract, the Canada-based engineer made it known that he had been in talks with the Iraq officials to get the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) executed. This he said took him only two months to get.

Igwemezie was quoted to have said that he had tried getting involved with Nigerian officials to construct several rail lines in the country in the last 18 months all to no avail. This he said frustrated him into looking elsewhere before he got the Iraq offer.

“As a Diaspora person, I kept coming back, knocking, to help Nigeria. On the other hand, I can’t knock forever,” he said.

Why this matters: Igwemezie’s feat has been celebrated, especially in the media space as a counter-narrative to the soiled image that Nigerians abroad have been marked for in recent times.

More so, this feat will give other Nigerians the power to go elsewhere to fulfil their ambition and realise their potentials.


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