SA Black Youth-Owned Startup, Beyond VR, Set to Help Scale Businesses


Beyond VR

  • SA startup youth-owned VR startup creates precise replicas and actual environments to help businesses scale.
  • Beyond VR was founded in March 2020, by three young professionals, Katlego Mokonyama, Themba Mtanase & Lebogang Mokonyama.
  • Beyond VR aims to provide services for industries such as Architecture – by offering digital property releases, Automotive – through supplying simulated test drives, driving lessons, and motor shows, among others.

Beyond VR, Johannesburg-base Virtual Reality startup produces virtual environments that are precise replicas of actual spaces and objects, using interactive technology. The project seeks to fill the digital void between undertakings and their actual business potential.

The black youth-owned tech company that provides state-of-the-art immersive software to create content for personal use and industrial applications, which is rare in South Africa. Beyond VR was founded in March 2020, by three young professionals, Katlego Mokonyama, Themba Mtanase & Lebogang Mokonyama.

Katlego Mokonyama, CEO of Beyond VR shares the overall aims of the business.

“Looking at the current state of the world, it’s our goal to ensure that we put in place technological advancements that will enable consumers & companies alike to adapt to the ever-changing, ever-evolving world we live in”.

Beyond VR, which is based in Johannesburg, develops virtual environments that are exact replicas of actual spaces and objects by using interactive technology. The project is aimed at addressing the digital void between businesses and their existing business potential. Commenting on how they have earned funding year Black VR has expressed that they are leveraging their resources.

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Commenting on how they received funding, Black VR explained how their resources are being utilized.

“‘We’ve also structured in a way that makes us able to operate on low overheads so we are not reliant on any funding to produce our work at the level required to do business with all sizes of organizations.”

Adding that Beyond VR does plan on seeking investment funding in the future.

“For the time being we have everything we need to function, but will begin lobbying for investment in the next 3 months to facilitate our expansion plan.”

As a result of the recent implementation of 5G and the global pandemic effects, Beyond VR aims to address the needs of the following industries:

  • Architecture, by offering digital property releases, architectural exhibits, property models, and virtual displays.
  • Automotive, through supplying simulated test drives, driving lessons, and motor shows.
  • Travel via the use of virtual guided tours of your vacation or holiday destination from the push of a button.
  • Entertainment, via providing simulated meditation sessions and live events.
  • Education, via a simulated classroom environment providing a more realistic experience of a classroom environment.

Beyond VR discusses the need for more advanced technical resources and interactions caused by the pandemic.

“Immersive tech is the answer to the call to social distancing. People are deprived of their freedom to be in certain places as we are being encouraged to stay home. Immersive tech allows people to be anywhere they want to be and have an experience that is as close to the real thing as possible.”

Beyond VR plans to have a positive impact on the African tech space.

“We have set our eyes on revolutionising the African tech space by creating exceptional digital content, and we hope our efforts empower & inspire marginalized individuals.”

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