• billions inventions

    5 Inventors Who did not Make Billions from their Inventions

    Throughout the world, one of the best ways of generating billions of revenue is through inventions, especially in a new market. This way, many innovators have gained a fortune. Although some inventors have built great generational wealth through this means, some have not moved up the financial ladder. This is because, at times, generating money from an ingenious idea can be difficult. Although it is challenging to make enormous wealth from an invention, some are due to a lack of…

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  • first 50 customers

    5 Ways to Get Your First 50 Customers

    Positioning your business to earn your first 50 customers is more art than science. Usually, you don’t have any data you can pull from any spreadsheets, you don’t have existing outline, and you don’t know who exactly will buy your product. You will just have to test the waters with different methods to see what makes the difference and what you can double down on. The processes you should be using to earn your first 50 customers are a mixture…

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  • African Female Founders

    5 Rising African Female Founders in 2022

    While investments in Africa’s entrepreneurial sector, particularly in technology, are growing, African female founders have only been able to receive a small portion of the investments. According to a study, 3% of the funds generated by African startups from 2013 to 2021 went to female-owned firms, and 76% went to male startup founders. Notwithstanding the gender gap in the entrepreneurial space, investment in African female founders increased dramatically in 2021 compared to the preceding years. Some female entrepreneurs on the…

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  • business ideas

    5 Seemingly Illegal Business Ideas that Generate Good Money

    When you think of a job, you might picture an office full of people who are laser-focused on their work. However, there are some lucrative business ideas many assume are illegal but are not. Although it may raise the question of morality. Many people are raised with this vision of work and ignore other opportunities for fulfilment and financial security. Some unique employment in unknown or risky business areas may appear legal or unethical at first, but if the people…

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  • squid game

    Netflix to Launch Squid Game Reality Show with $4.56 Million Dollars as Cash Price 

    It’s been announced that season two of the popular Squid Game series is soon to be out but that isn’t the only thing the show is bringing to its fans. The South Korean series is bringing the show to life in the Squid Game: The Challenge, the biggest reality competition series ever. There will be 456 contestants competing for the life-changing prize of $4.56 million which is the largest cash prize in the history of reality television.  Players will be…

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  • succeed africa

    3 Things Your Business Needs to Succeed in Africa

    Most businesses have failed to succeed in Africa mostly due to poor, inconsistent, and harsh economic policies. Africa needs growth, which governments cannot provide. It can only be provided by a vast number of entrepreneurs working in supportive ecosystems. In a world where global development is faltering, Africa’s rapidly rising population and markets present significant business potential. At the same time, more business innovation and investment are required to meet Africa’s unmet demand for goods and services, bridge infrastructural gaps,…

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  • businesses start nigeria

    5 Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria with N100,000 or Less

    Due to the harsh economic realities, it’s more crucial than ever to find businesses you can start in Nigeria with less cash.  According to Statista, 32.5 percent of Nigerians were unemployed in 2021, with the percentage expected to rise to 33 percent in 2022. Starting your own business has various advantages, including serving as a stepping stone to self-employment and eliminating the need to look for work. Here are five businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100,000 or less. …

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  • business coca-cola

    10 Business Lessons to Learn from Coca-Cola

    Every business can pick up inspiration from beverage giant, Coca-Cola. The brand continues to grow on the basis of its marketing with strong head-to-head competition, insignificant product differences, and conflicting trends. It is rumoured that the use of cocaine added to the brand’s growth. An original ingredient until 1903, it’s believed the use of cocaine in coke might have made the beverage addictive.  So, now that cocaine has been ruled out in the business, what is it about Coca-Cola that…

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  • African businesses metaverse

    3 Ways African Businesses are Already Leveraging the Metaverse

    African entrepreneurs are integrating their businesses with the metaverse to stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment due to its great potential. Though just gaining ground on the continent, it is considered the next big thing after the internet. Hence, its importance cannot be overstated. Its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies enable the multi-versatile platform to not only allow individuals from all over the world to cooperate through a digital facsimile but also conduct seamless business activity.…

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  • africa's transportation logistics

    5 Profitable Business Ideas in Africa’s Transportation and Logistics Industry

    Africa’s transportation and logistics sector has been a difficult industry to operate. Cities on the continent still have some of the world’s most notorious traffic bottlenecks and flawed addressing systems, making it difficult for people to get about.  Beyond human movement, the lack of a reliable transportation and logistics network has made it difficult for e-commerce platforms to scale successfully. It is also not uncommon to order a product from a neighbouring country or within the country and have it…

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