GOT’s Spin-Off Series ‘House of the Dragon’ Will Not Premiere Until 2022

House of the Dragon, HBO’s straight-to-series prequel to Game of Thrones, is on track for a 2022 debut, according to HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys.

HBO’s programming chief Casey Bloys said in an interview with Deadline during TCA that the writing team was currently thrashing out the story arc for the series, and that the show would likely arrive in 2022, calling this date his “best guess”.

“They are starting writing,” Bloys said of the project from George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal.

House of the Dragon – Plot

The GoT spin-off, which takes place 300 years before the events of the main show, now has a tentative release date for 2022, meaning we have a minimum of two years to wait until George R R Martin’s world of dragons, walkers, and warfare returns to the small screen.

House Of the Dragon Dragons takes place 300 years before the events of the Game of Thrones

The House of the Dragon prequel has been ordered as a 10-episode series and will follow the House of Targaryen, matching the plot of the book Fire & Blood published in 2018.

“Obviously it’s a big, complicated show,” Bloys said, adding that there are no casting news yet.  “GoT” veteran Miguel Sapochnik and Condal have partnered as showrunners and serve as executive producers on “House of the Dragon” along with “GoT” co-executive producers Martin and Vince Gerardis.

“House of the Dragon” was one of the four remaining “GoT” spinoffs in the works at HBO. The others are on hold, which could be indefinite — or temporary.

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More GOT Spin-off series

The two-year wait is a particularly hard pill to swallow, given the cancellation of the Bloodmoon prequel, which was initially slated for release this year. The women-led series, which was set thousands of years earlier than either GoT or House of the Dragon appeared to have gone a bit off-piste for the show’s producers – prominent people of colour, for one – and was shuttered before it could enter full production.

GOT Spin-Off ‘Bloodmoon’

House of the Dragon is deemed to be the safer option, and less likely to alienate longtime fans of the series.

“For me for right now, I think getting ‘House of the Dragon’ on the air will be the number one priority,” Bloys said. “There are no other blinking green lights or anything like that. Sometime down the road who knows, but there are no immediate plans. We are all focusing on ‘House of the Dragon.’ ”

“In development, in pilots, sometimes things come together, some time they don’t,” he said. “One of the things I think Jane took on beautifully, which was a challenge, there was a lot more role creation because she set hers 8,000 years before the (mothership) show, so it required a lot more. That is a big swing. One of the things about ‘House of Dragons,’ there is a text, there is a book, so that made it a little bit more of a road map for a series order.”

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