Africa’s Health Sector: A Thriving Investment Place

Specmed, a medical equipment solutions provider in Gauteng and Cape Town, South Africa, deals in neonatal, surgical, diagnostic and surgical equipment. Paradise Diagnostic Centre, Accra, a healthcare solutions provider in computerised axial tomography scans, MRI, Digital X-rays, Mammography, Dental X-ray, Ultrasound/Doppler Imaging and various Laboratory and tests. Flying Doctors Nigeria, a medical emergency services provider that specializes in air ambulances, medevac, medico-logistics services, remote site medical solutions services and medical infrastructure developments for Africans and internationals.

These and many more are revolutionising the business of healthcare in Africa – a continent where the percentage of demand for health care far exceeds the supply for it. But gradually and steadily, Africa is beginning to experience consistent economic growths in various areas in the healthcare business making it a thriving investment place.

The projections

Estimates have it that around 50% of Africans will be living in urbanised cities by 2030, and by 2034, demographics project that the working-age will be around 1.1bn. These figures mean that there will be a direct increase in the demand for improved infrastructure and undeniably, improved healthcare provision in Africa…

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