Coronavirus: Uber To Offer Compensation To Drivers Diagnosed or Quarantined

Popular ride-hailing company, Uber, has announced that it will begin compensating drivers worldwide who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus or placed in quarantine for up to 14 days.

This development comes after an Uber driver in New York City tested positive for the COVID-19. There are also reports that two British Airways luggage handlers contacted the virus while on duty.

Coronavirus Scare for Uber drivers

The decision for Uber to begin compensating infected drivers comes as a result of many drivers are operating out fear of contacting the virus. These delivery workers and drivers have on-demand jobs that require they meet hundreds of people on a daily basis, increasing their risk of becoming infected with the deadly virus.

In order to eliminate panic for its drivers, Uber said it has started compensating drivers in some markets and is planning to implement the same benefits for drivers and delivery people worldwide.

This means that Uber drivers in Africa will also be compensated if diagnosed with the virus while working.

According to Reuters, Uber has already compensated five quarantined but non-infected drivers in Britain and Mexico.

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Uber Doesn’t Have Health Insurance For Its Drivers

Uber has no plans to provide health insurance for its drivers based on the argument that they are contractors and not full staff. This means that Uber drivers worldwide are not entitled to the labour laws that require employers to provide health insurance for employees.

Without compensation, drivers would be exposed to the virus with no insurance available for treatment if they were infected.

Therefore, this compensation not only serves as an incentive to alleviate the fears of drivers against coronaviruses but also as a safety net that guarantees funds for treatment if they come in contact with the virus.

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