Econet Set to Launch Long-Awaited Electric Cars in Zimbabwe

Econet is getting ready to launch electric cars. The division in charge of the project, Vaya, has confirmed that it is ready to introduce its electric vehicles.

According to Techzim, Vaya is said to be awaiting delivery of electric vehicles from different top brands like Toyota, VolksWagen, BMW, into Zimbabwe, and two other African countries.

“I can confirm that we are awaiting delivery of electric vehicles in Zimbabwe, and two other countries….People must know what electric vehicles are like, and that they are as good as petrol cars, and you have a big choice.”

Oswald Jumira, Team Lead, Vaya.

This is coming just a few months after Econet founder announced that its logistics division, Vaya, is awaiting the delivery of 100 electric vehicles. The electric cars will reportedly be recharged at solar-powered charging stations to solve the problem of fuel in Zimbabwe.

This will be done in partnership with Distributed Power Africa a solar energy service. Econet will put together a national network of electric vehicle charging points all over the country to ensure that problems do not emanate from not being able to charge the cars.

According to the Vaya Team Lead, Oswald, they are already working on it with the necessary equipment available in Zimbabwe.

Already Vaya runs a logistics service and these expected electric vehicles will be added to its ride-hailing service (Vaya Hopper) and will be available for hire as Premium or Carpool.

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