Internet users reached 111.6 million in December – NCC

The number of Internet users in Nigeria has increased to more than 111.6 million in December 2018, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The NCC reported on Monday that the total number of Internet users increased from 108,457,051 in November 2018 to 111,632,516 in December 2018-an increase of 3,175,465 new subscribers.

According to the data, Airtel, MTN and Globacom gained more Internet subscribers during the month under review, while 9mobile was the biggest loser.

The breakdown revealed that MTN gained the more with 2,221,153 new Internet users in December 2018, bringing its subscription to 43,899,957 as against 41,678,804 in November 2018.

It further showed that Airtel was second, gaining 799,538 new users in the month under review, increasing its subscription to 29, 757, 791 in December 2018 as against 28,958,253 in November 2018.

Globacom was third in rank with 293,667 new Internet users, bringing its subscriber base in December 2018 to 27,051,941 from 27,761,281 in November 2018.

Data from the NCC showed that 9mobile loser lost 1, 388, 93 Internet users in December 2018 with 9,919,820 compared to 10,058,713 recorded in November.

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