Jaguar Land Rover to Build A.I.-Equipped Car that Responds to the Driver’s Mood

Jaguar Land Rover is studying a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that understands our state of mind while driving and also adjust cab settings to improve driver well-being.

The technology uses a driver-facing camera and biometric detection to monitor and assess the driver’s mood and adapt a variety of cabin features, including the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, media, and ambient lighting.
The settings will be changed based on the driver’s facial expressions to reduce stress. According to reports, 74% of US population admit to feeling stressed or overwhelmed each day.

The mood detection system will use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to continually adapt to the nuances of the driver’s facial expressions and automatically implement the appropriate parameters. Over time, the system will learn driver preferences and make more and more custom adjustments.
Customization settings may include changing the ambient lighting to soothing colors if the system detects that the driver is under stress, selecting a favorite playlist if signs of weariness are identified and lowering the temperature in response to yawning or other signs of fatigue.

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Jaguar Land Rover is also experimenting with similar technology for rear passengers, with a camera mounted in the headrest. If the system detects signs of fatigue, it may dim the lights, tint the windows and raise the temperature at the back to help an occupant fall asleep.

Dr Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Medical Officer, said: “As we move towards a self-driving future, the emphasis for us remains as much on the driver as it ever has.”

“By taking a holistic approach to the individual driver, and implementing much of what we’ve learnt from the advances in research around personal wellbeing over the last 10 or 15 years, we can make sure our customers remain comfortable, engaged and alert behind the wheel in all driving scenarios, even monotonous motorway journeys.”

The new mood–detection system is one of a suite of technologies that Jaguar Land Rover is exploring as part of its ‘tranquil sanctuary’ vision to improve the driving experience.

Jaguar Land Rover

Designed to create a sanctuary inside each of its luxury vehicles, the manufacturer is trialing a wide range of driver and passenger wellbeing features, to ensure occupants are as comfortable as possible whilst ensuring the driver remains mindful, alert and in control.

Mood-detection software is the next-generation of Jaguar Land Rover’s existing driver tracking technology. The Driver Condition Monitor, which is capable of detecting if a driver is starting to feel drowsy and will give an early warning to take a break, is available on all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles

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