Sonangol Suffers Attempted Cyber-Attack

The National Fuel Society of Angola (Sonangol)’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructures were target of a cyber-attack in the early hours of Thursday, June 6.

The attack whose origin is still unknown, was eventually managed by the Information Technology Division (DTI) after taking several precautionary measures to protect critical assets, including shutting down communications and its IT systems, the company explained in a statement.

In a report by Novo Jornal, the hackers would have had access to data from more than seven thousand computers of the oil company which some of its officials fear sensitive data and insider information about the company and its customers, may cause serious damage to Sonangol.

The document, quoted by Angop, maintains that the work of maintaining and replacing key infrastructure services will be restored as soon as possible.

The cyber-attack is the first of its kind since President Joao Lourenzo took office in September 2017.


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