The Samsung Foldable Phone To Be Launched Next Year- At a glance

Samsung Electronics unveiled its long-awaited Samsung foldable phone in San Francisco, calling on Android developers to start writing apps for the latter.

Justin Denison, senior vice president of mobile marketing, presented a prototype with a screen measuring 18.5 cm diagonally. The foldable phones promise the screen of a small tablet in a handheld device. Folded in half, it looked like a big phone, but the media and developers were not allowed to touch or see the device closely.

Mr Dave Burke, vice-president of engineering for Google’s Android software platform, told a Google conference in California that Samsung planned to introduce a new Android-based device early next year. “We expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers,” he said.

Google’s head of Android UX, Mr Glen Murphy, who was on stage with Samsung, said Google would work with developers to bring more features to the phone.

Samsung said it would be ready for mass production in the coming months.

Samsung and Huawei have been beaten to the market, however, by Royole, a Chinese display making start-up, which last week unveiled a foldable Android phone with a 7.8 inch screen, priced from around US$1,300 (S$1,800). Royole said it would start filling orders late next month.

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