VIDEO: How US-based Nigerian Doctor ‘Cured’ Over 300 Covid-19 Patients

A US-based Nigerian-born and trained medical practitioner, Dr. Stella Emmanuel, has accused American politicians and disease experts of misleading Americans and the world about the cure for Coronavirus also known as Covid-19.

She claimed that the cure for the respiratory virus is a combination of Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and Zinc, stressing that she cured over 300 patients with the drugs.

The Physician noted that some of the patients she treated had underlining ailments like Diabetes, High Blood pressure and others, yet they were cured.

Emmanuel spoke on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, at a news conference during an event organised by a group of American doctors under the aegis of “America’s Frontline Doctors” in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington DC.

In an emotion-laden video that has gone viral on social media, the Doctor said, “Hello, I’m Dr. Stella Emmanuel. I’m a primary care physician in Houston, Texas.

“I actually went to medical school in West Africa, Nigeria, where I took care of malaria patients, treated them with hydroxychloroquine and stuff like that.

“So I’m actually used to these medications. I’m here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID-19. Patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood pressure, patients that have asthma, old people … I think my oldest patients are 92 … 87-year-olds.

“And the result has been the same. I put them on hydroxychloroquine, I put them on zinc, I put them on Zithromax, and they’re all well.

“For the past few months, after taking care of over 350 patients, we’ve not lost one. Not a diabetic, not somebody with high blood pressure, not somebody who asthma, not an old person.

“We’ve not lost one patient. And on top of that, I’ve put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know on hydroxychloroquine for prevention, because by the very mechanism of action, it works early and as a prophylaxis.

“I know you’re going to tell me that you treated 20 people, 40 people, and it didn’t work. I’m a true testimony.

“So I came here to Washington DC to tell America nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure. It is called hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax.

“I know they don’t want to open schools. No, you don’t need people to be locked down. There is prevention and there is a cure.”

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Emmanuel dismissed warnings by disease experts that the Hydroxychloroquine could cause serious heart problems for coronavirus patients, citing her experience with the use of the drug.

She also claimed to have received several threats to have her practice permit revoked, insisting that she would continue to administer the drugs on COVID-19 patients to save more American lives.

Emmanuel pointed accusing fingers at American scientists and doctors, specifically Anthony Fauci, who is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci and other American scientists have knocked down Hydroxychloroquine as a possible cure for Covid-19, insisting that the drug needs to go through more trials before it can be certified as a treatment for Covid-19.

However, the United States President, Donald Trump, defying experts’ advice, has continued to advocate the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19.

As of July 28, 2020, the cases of Coronavirus in the US stood at 4,434,185 while 150,500 deaths have been recorded and 2,137,959 people recovered from the virus.

In Nigeria, 41,180 cases have been confirmed as of July 27, 2020 while 860 deaths were recorded and 18,203 recovered have recovered from the virus.

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