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Companies - Tech - September 25, 2020

Here Are the top Data Analytics Firms in Nigeria

The top data analytics firms in Nigeria have positioned themselves as major players in Nigeria’s tech future. As we all know, information technology and data have become indispensable in the way we live our lives; how we study, work, shop, date, and do so many other aspects of our lives. It is in view of this that data analytics has become important today.

Do note that data analytics basically entails the process of analyzing raw data, with the aim of finding useful trends and answering important questions.

A look at the data analytics firms making this possible in Nigeria

There is a growing number of data analytics firms scattered across Lagos and other major Nigerian cities. Without a doubt, these firms are playing important roles as far as data mining, interpretation, and implementation is concerned. Some of them even specialize in training future data scientists/analysts. In no particular order, Business Elites Africa has profiled the top five data analytics firms. See them below.

  1. Data Lab

This Abuja-based tech firm specializes in building “predictive and deep learning models that are capable of generating actionable insights from data in real-time,” according to information obtained from their website. Besides offering training in data science, the company also specializes in the provision of data science tools, machine learning, and big data analysis training.

  1. Utiva

Utiva is a tech education company which facilitates the learning of data science in Nigeria.  Information available on its website indicates that the company offers “premium skills learning across the entire digital product lifecycle: data, design, development, marketing, and product management.”

Founded in 2017, Utiva has helped to avail so many Nigerian access to tech skills that are needful in the 21st century work place. Although data science/analytics is not the only thing they do, it is a key product offering, hence our decision to feature them. Know more about them by visiting their website here.

  1. Snapnet Limited

Snapnet, which is based in Lagos, focuses on offering business and information technology solutions to their customers. Among the services they offer are software development, security solutions, training, data analytics & AI, among others. Get to know more about them.

  1. Octave Analytics

As far as Octave Analytics is concerned, it is not access to data that matters. Instead, what really does matter is data analytics, or as they put it, “the interpretation and application of the concerned data.” To this end, the company offers the following services – analytics process, business intelligence consulting, market intelligence, campaign management advisory, etc. Learn more about the company here.

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