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Technology - May 13, 2022

How to Create Top-Selling NFTs for Free

There’s money to be made with NFTs. Reports show that the global NFT market is currently valued at $17 billion. If you’re ready to leverage this opportunity, let’s break down how you can create top-selling NFTs for free. 

Artists across Africa are starting to make millions from the Non-Fungible Token wave. We’ve got Youssef El Idrissi from Morrocco; Linda Dounia – a Lebanese-Senegalese mixed media artist; Rendani Nemakhavhani – South Africa, and Nigeria’s Mayowa Alabi (Shutabug) and Jacon Osinachi who sold NFTs worth $75,000 dollars

The opportunities to trade NFTs are open to virtually everyone. NFTs can take the form of digital art, photos, videos in-game items and a lot more. So what are you waiting for? 

Let’s dive into how you can create top-selling NFTs for free and start making some money. 

The whole process of creating and selling NFTs

You’ll create a wallet – connect it to a marketplace – set your prices – market across social media and start making sales. 

A wallet

This is where your registration to use NFTs begins. There are a couple of wallets you can choose from to hold your NFT earnings. The top players are Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect and Fortmatic. 

To save you the dilemma we’ll be focusing on the most used – Metamask. You can create your wallet from your personal computer, android or IOS device. Let’s see how it’s done. 

Creating your NFT from PC

Download the metamask extension on chrome

. And complete the registration. 

Create a new wallet

Click HERE to get complete steps to creating your wallet. It’s quite simple!

Connect it to a marketplace

Opensea is the leading marketplace for NFTs. With Your Metamask account, you no longer need to create an account on the marketplace. Simply connect your Metamask account to Opensea and you’re good to go. 

Use this complete guide in linking your Metamask with the Opensea platform. 

Create your first NFT

Once you’re connected, go to my collection –  as seen in the image above, to get started with creating your first NFT for free. 

This video will take you through the rest of the steps

Congratulations! You just created your first NFT. The next crucial step will be to get people to buy your NFT. 

Creating an NFT from Android and IOS

The process is pretty much the same. You’ll only have to download the Metamask app on your smartphone.  

Getting people to buy your NFT

You can create a bunch of NFTs and in the end, make no sales. You’ll dive into the marketing of your NFT if you want to make some money.  But how?

Tell a compelling story

Tell a compelling story about your NFT across social media, can be all the emotional pull you’ll need. Take the story of Nigerian photographer and member of the NYSC, Adisa Olashile who took photos of an elderly man playing the talking drum and minted them as NFTs. Olashile was able to sell two of the images for 0.3 Eth each which was worth $2,098.32 (N1,225,418.88) at the time of sale. 

It’s a remarkable sale, but how do you go from JPEG to over a million? It’s the power of storytelling. Olashile marketed his NFT with the message,

“I always meet this man at the secretariat where we have our CDS , so I decided to make him smile more with my camera. I hope you all see the emotions in his smiles.”

The human side of your NFT will create strong emotions and drive people to buy. We recommend you focus on Twitter and Instagram for your brand storytelling. 

Prioritise quality

Make sure the quality of your NFTs matches your selling price. High-quality content adds to the value perception and gets the buyer to put money on the table. This can help you create top-selling NFTs even when it’s a free minting process.

Price your NFTs correctly

A great starting price for your NFTs is 0.02 ETH. This is not too expensive for people to buy and is still higher than most of the transaction fees so that you can actually make some money. Midrange pricing starts at 0.06 ETH and premium starts at 0.10 ETH.  

Choose your NFT type wisely. 

The top-selling type of NFTs right now are digital art, music and collectables. If you’re selling NFTs in any of these categories you’ll be catering to a much larger market. 

Sell Collections 

Collectible NFTs hold a unique advantage of increasing your earning power. NFT giants like  Cryptopunks, SupDucks and Bored Ape Yacht Club brilliantly leverage NFT collections. If you sell 500 items at $5 each that leaves you with a nice cut of $2,500.

It’s time-consuming to create thousands of NFTs for a collection, that is where you can use some computer automation. This guide below will show you how to auto-generate NFTs for your collection. 


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