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Tips - May 24, 2022

7 Things Losers Say

There is a fine line between what losers say and what successful people do in certain situations. This is, however, determined by the state of mind of the person.

Winning and losing is more about attitude than anything else. You’ve got the power to decide if you’re a success or a loser. And it’s notable from the things you say every day. 

Here are some of the common things losers say.

I will do it later

Procrastination comes into play here. Losers prefer to put things off with the classic saying, “I will do it later”. This way, they assign a terrible time to a good thing and a good time to a bad thing.

The truth is that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Instead of delaying action, take action right now. You never know whether someone else has the same business concept that you are putting off implementing.

It’s not my fault

Whose fault is it if not yours? Losers are never accountable for their acts. It is their speciality to assign blame to anybody other than themselves.

To appease and absolve themselves, they say, it is not their fault. This is a song they never get tired of singing.

With this mindset, it is difficult for them to recognise and admit that what they have done is wrong, making it hard for them to improve.

I can’t do it

A successful person’s vocabulary does not include “I can’t.” On the other side, it is the losers’ mantra. Without even trying, they conclude that they cannot.

They have an impossible attitude, making them inactive and unwilling to try new things. Rather than exploring, they remain in their constant, comfortable surroundings.

Since they believe in their inability, they lack self-assurance in what they are doing.


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It’s not fair

To a loser, nothing is ever fair. Losers blame their circumstances and surroundings rather than face the truth.

They continuously play the unfair card and blame other issues instead of proposing solutions. Life itself is not fair. So quit moaning about how unfair everything is.

Because you’ll never be able to modify a scenario to make it fairer, you may have to go out and create your own fairer environment.

I don’t have time

It’s the oldest and most common excuse used by losers. For them, 24 hours a day is never enough.

They use it randomly and mindlessly, as if on a replay, to the point that they lose sight of the fact that they are in charge of their time.

They are lucky

Everything is predicated on luck for a loser. Hence, when they see someone else succeed at anything via hard work, they criticise and claim the person is just lucky.

In their perspective, everybody who excels at something does so due to pure luck chance, not hard work.

I quit

Losers always give up. They dislike putting their comfort at risk.

They hate having to go the extra mile to achieve something. When they have to, they feel pressured.

Especially having to extend their working hours with deadlines. Instead of sacrificing their time, they prefer to quit. Sticking to what you know, no matter how tough it gets, can yield great results.


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