A Day in the Life of Africa's Youngest Billionaire Mohammed Dewji 
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A Day in the Life of Africa’s Youngest Billionaire Mohammed Dewji 

Mohammed “Mo” Gulamabbas Dewji, a Tanzanian businessman who’s made headlines as Africa’s youngest billionaire. As a successful entrepreneur and owner of MeTL Group,  a conglomerate that produces over 150 products, Dewji is inspiring many with his business acumen and dedication to social causes.

However, he is equally known for his philanthropic work, having established the Mo Dewji Foundation alongside his wife Saira Dewji to improve access to education and healthcare for underprivileged communities in Tanzania. In 2018, Dewji made headlines again when he was kidnapped and held for ransom. His release after  days shifted his mindset into focusing more on himself, family and giving back to society.

This article will take a closer look at a hypothetical day in the life of this dynamic entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Dewji’s everyday routine

Dewji’s typical day has him waking up by 5:30 for his early morning prayers, heading to the office before 6:30 to begin his day because he believes the brain is sharper in the morning. He shuts out for 1 hour to go through his 700 to 800 mails which includes lots of reports due to his company’s involvement in many commodities like sugar, wheat, palm oil, cotton, amongst others as well as lots of internal and external mails he has to respond to.

As the 13th richest man in Africa and successful entrepreneur, he runs about 61 divisional meetings monthly. For this, he shuts off his computer by 7:30 to run board meetings which he chairs or be a member of up to 1 pm to go through the cash flows, profit and Loss and talk about strategies  like internal audit or marketing and several orders.

Dewji leaves the office by 1pm because the energy levels start dropping because he would have been exhausted from being in the office for about 8 hours. He then heads to the gym for 1 hour which he does regularly for 6 times and also runs about 3 kilometers a day for mental alertness.

He spends his 2pm time with his kids for about 15 to 20 minutes, takes his lunch and heads back to the office for the second phase of the day. This typically involves strategies, meetings with consultants, auditors, external people, government, amongst others.

The evening has Dewji spending time with lots of guests like bankers, investors, business partners,  or going for business dinners till after 7pm or otherwise in the office. He gets home by 8:30 to 9pm to have dinner and say his prayers. He typically tries to sleep early which he finds most times difficult because he sees his brain moving at a very fast rate having thoughts on various business decisions and several others.

Dewji’s typical work habits

Dewji’s standard work week is 100 hours per week which he plans to cut down to 80 sometimes in the future. He used to work every day in the past up till till midnight till she got married to his wife and she had helped him to be more disciplined towards his home and his family. 

This helped him to no longer work on some weekdays especially Sundays to have time with his family. He has plans to reduce his work time and focus more on philanthropy, building his children and giving them proper direction.

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