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Richest Yoruba Men in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector in Nigeria, some Yoruba men have risen to great heights of success, not only in terms of wealth but also in their significant contributions to the industry. Some Yoruba men who have their home in the western part of the country have amassed their wealth in the sector through their different innovative approaches.

These individuals have made significant strides in healthcare, leveraging their expertise, resources, and entrepreneurial spirit to bring about positive change. In this article, we will explore the remarkable journeys and achievements of the richest Yoruba men in healthcare, highlighting their impact on the field and their rise to success.

Rotimi Badero

Olurotimi John Badero is a Yoruba figure who has made significant contributions in the healthcare sector. He is a fully trained Board Certified Interventional Cardio-Nephrologist (Combined Heart & Kidney Specialist Physician) who has been recognized as the world’s first and only Board Certified Interventional Cardio-Nephrologist. 

Badero completed his medical training in Nigeria and later pursued advanced medical education in the United States. Dr. Badero has been actively involved in research, clinical practice, and academic pursuits throughout his career with specialties in cardiologists diagnosing and treating heart disease, such as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders and heart failure.

He is also a mentor and motivational speaker where he has been actively enlightening the medical industry about the interlink between the heart and kidney.

Adeyemi Onabowale

Adeyemi Onabowale is a medical doctor and an accomplished entrepreneur who hails from Oyo State in Nigeria. He is the founder of Reddington Hospital, a 5-star, one-stop facility providing comprehensive solutions to your healthcare needs and other healthcare businesses. 

Onabowale is currently serving on a number of super boards including a ministerial advisory committee established to advise the president on health care issues and strategies in Nigeria. With his expertise and commitment to improving the health and safety of workers, Dr. Onabowale has not only made a name for himself but has also created an empire that combines healthcare excellence and financial success, thus amassing his wealth.

Olu Akinyanju

Olu Akinyaju is a healthcare professional with over forty years of experience in medicine. Having gotten a scholarship to study medicine in England in 1958 and was qualified in 1963. Akinyanju started out in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in the College of Medicine as a senior registrar.

He later became a lecturer, then a grade 2 lecturer, senior lecturer and later became a professor and a consultant all in LUTH. He eventually became a professor in 1979. Having worked for many years in LUTH, in the Department of Medicine and Pathology. He started a sickle cell clinic due to his exposure to many patients in 1998.

Femi Kuti

Femi Kuti is the CEO of Reliance Health, a healthcare company co-founded by Opeyemi Olumekun and Matthew Mayaki in 2016. Kuti has a huge wealth of experience in the healthcare sector. After completing his degree in Medicine and Surgery from Obafemi Awolowo University, he worked as a healthcare investment banker at Goldman Sachs before co-founding Reliance Health.

Reliance Health, through an integrated approach that includes affordable health insurance, telemedicine and a combination of partner and proprietary healthcare facilities uses innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of emerging markets making it one of Nigeria’s leading digital health providers,

Temie Giwa-Tubosun

Oluwaloni Olamide Giwa is a Nigerian-American health manager, founder of LifeBank, a business enterprise in Nigeria working to improve access to blood transfusions in the country.

Having hailed from Osun State, she had her graduate studies in the United States before founding her company to tackle the problem of blood shortage in Nigeria. In the past four years, the company has distributed about 26,000 products to more than 10,000 patients in nearly 700 hospitals in Nigeria; Ms. Giwa-Tubosun’s effort is now celebrated at home and abroad as an epitome of social entrepreneurship—using business to solve a major society’s problem

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