Bola Tinubu: 5 Men He'll Have to Contend with Presidential Journey 
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Bola Tinubu: 5 Men He’ll Have to Contend with on His Presidential Journey 

As President Bola Tinubu embarks on his tenure as the leader of Nigeria, the nation’s political landscape remains ever-vibrant, with an eye toward the future. While he now holds the highest office, it’s important to recognize that his presidential journey would not go on without individuals to contend presenting new challenges.

Throughout his presidential tenure, there is some possibility of facing strong contenders in his course of leading the nation to success. These individuals are those who are against his success as the winner of the presidential election, people who aspire to lead the nation in future elections and are basically against his policies and objectives. The complexities of Nigerian politics ensure that the journey to maintain his position as the head of state will not be without potential challengers.

In this article, we will look into President Bola Tinubu’s leadership considering the individuals who may emerge as contenders through his regime offering checks and balances in his decisions and policy making.

Atiku Abubakar

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), Atiku Abubakar would always contend with President Tinubu in his presidential journey. As the former deputy president of Nigeria, he is well known for his fight against Bola Tinubu and his political party.

Recently, he challenged the victory of Bola Tinubu in the high court, having lost, he went straight to the Supreme Court with reports of Tinubu’s US academic records. He argued that Mr. Tinubu’s certificate matter is a significant, serious, and constitutional issue that must be determined by the Supreme Court. However, the court favoured Bola Tinubu.

Peter Obi

Labour Pary presidential candidate, Peter Obi has to be another significant figure presenting a unique challenge in Bola Tinubu’s presidential journey. Notably, during a legal battle at the presidential election court, Obi raised concerns about Tinubu’s qualification for the presidency. Obi had secured a landslide victory in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), where neither Atiku nor Tinubu met the statutory vote requirement.

Obi urged the court to either declare him president or call for a rerun due to Tinubu’s failure to secure the necessary votes in Abuja. However, the court, in its wisdom, emphasized the importance of a holistic interpretation of the constitution, raising questions about denying a candidate with the highest lawful votes in an election victory over the Abuja threshold. This scenario underscores Obi’s potential to challenge Tinubu’s decision through his regime.

David Hundeyin

Investigative journalist David Hundeyin has become a significant figure to contend with in President Bola Tinubu’s presidential journey as a result of his several accusations. He accused Tinubu of perjury and unveiling his hidden past. Hundeyin revealed that Tinubu submitted a fake certificate to INEC and failed to disclose his acquisition of Guinean citizenship on an affidavit, both of which could constitute perjury under Nigerian law, punishable by 14 years in prison. 

While some argue that dual citizenship shouldn’t disqualify Tinubu from the presidency, Hundeyin stressed the seriousness of providing false information under oath. Despite efforts to suppress his revelations, Hundeyin remains committed to informing Nigerians about Tinubu’s character and background throughout his regime.

Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye, spokesperson for the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, presents a formidable challenge to Bola Tinubu’s perceived victory in recent polls. This affirmation is an assurance of a possible figure Bola Tinubu would contend with in his presidential journey. 

Melaye asserts that Tinubu’s win is temporary, vowing that the PDP will use legal means to reclaim what they see as a stolen mandate. As the PDP’s presidential election collation agent, Melaye accused the INEC Chairman of rigging the election during the result collation process. He passionately declares that the battle to save Nigeria from the current leadership is one of unwavering determination and resolve, with no room for retreat. 

Daniel Bwala

How Daniel Bwala, a PDP member, lawyer, and former APC chieftain offers a critical evaluation of President Bola Tinubu’s initial 100 days in office solidifying his stance as a figure open to contend the president throughout his presidential journey. Bwala deems this period uneventful and urges Tinubu to prioritize domestic nation-building over foreign photo-op diplomatic trips.

He questions the authenticity of recent presidential announcements, emphasizing the need for honest assessment and action in addressing issues like education and healthcare. Bwala critiques Tinubu’s foreign trips, particularly to the G20 summit in India, characterizing them as mere global picnics with limited substantive outcomes. He advocates a shift in focus towards domestic policies, national security, and the country’s interests for genuine development.

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