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How businesses can benefit from CSR

Most businesses today do not know that companies who engage in community giving could distinguish themselves from their competitors, and see the many benefits thereof, including having loyal customers and happier employees. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), if properly harnessed, can lead to attracting positive attention to your corporation, and make […]

What’s Your Work Position?

In recent years, repeated trauma disorders accounted for 62 per cent of nonfatal occupational illness cases reported.—U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics. Ergonomics focuses on ensuring the proper fit and interaction among the user, their equipment and their work environment. It’s critical you take any ergonomically related health issues seriously and […]

Business Tips

Employee Management Nothing is worse for an organisation than being stuck with the wrong people, which can lead to what Guy Kawasaki calls a “bozo explosion” on the staff. It is often better to hire slow, taking time to make the right hires, looking for “natural fit.” Let go of […]