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Financial Literacy - March 26, 2022

6 Risks You Must Take in Life

Every action you take has a degree of risk. Because no outcome is ever 100 per cent assured, any attempt at anything has a chance of failing.

The risks you take in life are nothing more than a series of calculated efforts. 

Every action you take has a degree of risk. Because no outcome is ever 100 per cent assured, any attempt at anything has a chance of failing.

Taking the risk of achieving will result in everything positive you want in your life. There is no return unless the price is paid, and the price is tackling the risk of failure.

For example, if you want to learn to walk as a baby, you must take risks. Even in both life and business, we pursue the same path.

Those who refuse to take risks end up living a life that is unfulfilled and average.

Your life is determined by your decisions, the chances you take, and how fortunate or unlucky you have been.

Here are 6 risks you must take in life.

1. Risk becoming extremely wealthy 

If you’re below 35, you have one or two ample chances to have a wonderful life. This occurs because you have little to no risk; no one depends on you.

As a young person, this is the most crucial piece of advice you can receive. TAKE SIGNIFICANT RISKS!

Certainly, anyone who truly desires wealth can achieve it.

Over 50 million people have become millionaires, and thousands have become billionaires. The first trillionaire is soon to come. There is no limit to how much money you can make.

And, to be honest, the sooner you resolve your financial problems in life, the better. 

If you don’t take risks when you’re young, you’ll blame yourself when you’re older.

2. Risk getting your dream partner

Take a chance and put yourself out there. Take a chance and tell people how you feel. Aim for a perfect ten.

Build the life you’ve always desired with the perfect person by your side.

Accepting what is simple and readily available carries a risk. 

The majority of people are unhappy with their life partners. This is because they are afraid to take the risk of finding the right one.

For them, the risk of being left alone outweighs the perceived return of a wonderful spouse.

Their insecurity intensifies with time, leading to tumultuous households and bad parenting.

3. Risk ridicule in exchange for realising your dreams

Ridicule is an inevitable part of the process. Consider that the price of admission to the joyride is the good life.

People who ridicule others are only intimidated by others that get the job done. They’re terrified of seeing others achieve because it proves that success is possible. 

Their only objective is to scare you into giving up your dreams. As a result, you won’t have the opportunity to show them incorrect.

4. Risk on Yourself

People complain about how costly it is to invest in oneself. What, on the other hand, is the alternative? What can you invest in that will give you a better return than you?

How do you expect any other investment to work out if you can’t even invest in yourself where you control the outcome?

This is a call to action. Treat your self-investment the same way you would a venture capital investment. Some will be garbage, while others will be passable, but one or two will be life-changing.

You can read hundreds of poor books before settling on a few that will work for you. 

Spend money on yourself by attending events, seminars, courses, classes, and meet-ups to expand your knowledge. And also establish a network of potential future investment partners.

Consider this: What percentage of your earnings do you put back into yourself?

We’re not talking about your personal preferences but rather your skillset, knowledge, and tools of the trade. If you’re only spending 5% of your income on yourself, It could be a good idea to rethink your priorities.

5. Risk of starting over

Take the risk of starting over even if you’re starting from the beginning – even if it’s in a different location where you don’t know anyone, and even if no one else believes in you. 

It will be terrifying, as it always is when you go on an adventure into the unknown. But, as you may know, darkness is simply the lack of light.

You begin to generate light into the darkness of your surroundings the instant you overcome your fear. You will glow brighter the more you do and learn.

6. Risk of being honest

You must be honest with yourself and the rest of the world. The alternative is to be a liar, and liars, even little ones, have had a bad reputation throughout history.

Dishonesty is merely the postponement of the truth. But it is with much more severe consequences.

Stop saying things that aren’t true. When you really want to say NO, don’t say YES. Stop living a lie. And especially don’t lie to yourself.

The only way to progress is to discover the truth and build on it. When you disclose the truth or exhibit your vulnerability, you risk being judged. But every lie leaves you with a debt to the truth and a responsibility to bear for the rest of your life.

Admit that you require assistance. To be vulnerable like that takes a lot of guts and a commitment to self-improvement.

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