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Financial Literacy - June 6, 2022

5 African Countries that Have the Highest Monthly Minimum Wages 

In most African countries, minimum wages are usually calculated and paid monthly, whereas they are normally computed and paid on an hourly basis in other foreign countries.

A minimum wage, according to Investopedia, is the lowest legally mandated wage that a person can make. In other words, it is illegal for firms to pay employees less than the federally mandated minimum wage in any country.

It is every employee’s wish to do less work and earn more money. After all, who doesn’t want to put in the bare minimum of effort in order to get the most satisfaction out of something? 

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of individuals, especially those working in Africa, this is not the case. In truth, millions of individuals across Africa earn what is best known as “poverty wages.”

African countries do, in fact, have some of the world’s lowest minimum wages. Despite this, workers in some African countries have a better chance of earning more than those in others. 

Here are 5 African countries that have the highest monthly minimum wages.


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1. Seychelles – $424

Seychelles has the highest minimum wage among other African countries. Workers in the country are paid on an hourly basis. 

According to a new legislation, the minimum wage for all workers other than casuals will increase from SCR 34.97 to SCR 38.27 per hour.

This means that if you work 35 hours per week, your monthly compensation will rise from SCR 5,303.70 ($388) to SCR 5,804 ($424).

2. Libya – $325

Libya is a country in North Africa. The Sahara desert covers the majority of the country.

Libya is one of the African countries that has the highest minimum wage. Libyan employees are paid 450 Libyan dinars ($325) each month. 

In addition, the government provides rent, electricity, and water subsidies for its citizens.

3. Morocco – $284

A Moroccan worker gets paid hourly depending on the sector. Agricultural workers are paid 63.39 dirhams per day while non-agricultural workers are paid 14.13 dirhams per hour.

The average Moroccan worker earns $284.28 per month, but public sector employees earn $315.84 per month.

4. Mauritius – $257

Mauritius is a country in the Indian Ocean. The minimum salary in Mauritius is among the highest in Africa. 

The government has authorised a new minimum wage package for workers worth 9,000 Mauritian rupees (US $257) each month.

Despite the fact that the parliament approved Rs 8,140 (US $232), workers would earn a total of Rs 9,000 (US $257) due to various compensation payments made by the government or the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

5. Equatorial Guinea – $231

Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country and consists of the Rio Muni mainland and five volcanic outlying islands in Central Africa.

Equatorial Guinea has one of Africa’s highest minimum wages. The average monthly wage in the country is 128.000 CFA ($231). However, there is a significant wage discrepancy between different sectors and industries.


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