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Opinions - July 25, 2022

5 Shocking Ways Society Steals Your Money

While some people think of ways to earn more, society, through different persons, is busy devising ways to steal your hard-earned money. They have stolen many people’s wealth with their brilliant but shady tactics.

Unknown to many, society steals from them every day, and that society can be your family and friends, church, bank, government, retailers, etcetera.

 Here are some of the unsuspecting ways society steals Your Money.

Manipulating your emotions

One of the tactics people use to cart away your money is to appeal to your emotion. Unlike rational thoughts, emotional attachment is the best way of cracking a person open.

This is why salespeople and marketers ensure that what they advertise resonates with your inner self. The trick in achieving this varies, but the objectives are the same to manipulate you into giving your money willingly.

Therefore, you need to be deliberate with your spending. Since one of their rules is to eliminate deliberate thinking as it can lead to rational thinking. Always ensure to make your final decision the next day. This way, you have enough time to think through your action.

Gift tactic

This is where the reciprocity principle comes to play. Since the law of nature entails reciprocating a good deed, people give you free products. Alas, nothing is free in a free town. Whenever something is given, they expect you to do something in return. You feel compelled to do it even when they don’t ask you. 

When you find yourself in a situation where you cannot reject such a gesture, know that they are just compliance tactics to get your money. So, do not feel bad about saying NO to a gift with an undertone condition.


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Propagating the wrong income stream

This is mainly done through the pension ideology. While saving for retirement is good, the idea of a pension is flawed. Apart from the fact that some people end up not getting their money when they retire, the value of the money might have reduced by the time they do.

Invest your money in a diversified portfolio to not add to the number of penniless retired people. Imagine what you will have amassed in three decades.

Keeping up with the Joneses

To avoid societal ostracising, some people have buried themselves in financial debt. All in the name of keeping up with the Joneses. They buy things they don’t need. All thanks to the materialistic world we find ourselves in.

They’ve been conditioned to the societal rules made by man. Since man makes it, it can be undone by man. True, you live in a materialistic world, don’t live as one.

Therefore, answer these questions to know if keeping up with the Joneses is justifiable. Is it serving as a source of revenue for you? Are you trying to keep up with your appearance or doing it for yourself?

Pretending it is for your good

It is second nature for some people to be good to you because they need something. This is why some people will be polite and down to earth when they want you to patronise them. Once their objective is achieved, they show you their true self.


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