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  • 5 Platforms to Grow Your Money in Nigeria

    platforms grow nigeria

    Money isn’t everything, but happiness isn’t enough to keep the rainy days away. That is why investing is such an important aspect of accumulating wealth. Investing money is a fantastic way to get passive income. There are numerous platforms to grow your money in Nigeria, and millennials are embracing them,…

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  • Is Africa’s Metaverse Commercially Viable?

    Is Africa’s Metaverse Commercially Viable?

    Global tech giants are pumping billions of dollars into the Metaverse and interestingly, Africa is also positioning to tap into the commercial opportunities of the Metaverse. About two weeks ago, MTN, Africa’s largest telecommunications company, announced that it had bought 144 plots of land in South Africa’s first Metaverse, Africacare.…

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  • 10 Most Profitable Businesses you Should Consider in 2022

    10 Most Profitable Businesses you Should Consider in 2022

    As the year 2022 picks up in earnest, there is growing optimism that the Nigerian economy will continue to stretch out with positive indices. This also means that people who are smart enough to invest their money in proven most profitable businesses will win big this year.  These top ten…

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  • Top 5 Countries that Trade the Most with Africa

    countries trade africa

    Most foreign countries have increased their trade rate with Africa, with European Union (EU) countries taking the lead, followed by China. The percentage of growth is superior to that of other developing regions, such as Latin America. However, for a long time, imports have outnumbered exports, resulting in massive trade…

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  • 4 Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

    real estate investment nigeria

    Real estate investment is one of the most common strategies to generate consistent income in Nigeria. Investing in real estate provides numerous opportunities to build wealth and gain financial freedom. About 90% of the world’s millionaires have made their fortunes through investing in real estate over the last 200 years.…

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  • 10 Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy Under $5 in 2022

    cryptocurrencies buy

    Cryptocurrencies have firmly established themselves in the trading industry, and people now want to buy and invest more in them. Although 2021 was an exciting year for cryptocurrencies, 2022 has posed new obstacles that even popular digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been struggling to make ends meet. Bitcoin…

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  • What Stocks Should Investors Buy in 2022? Here is What Experts Think

    stocks investors

    Despite the impending hazards to the equity market boom in 2022, Nigerian equities remain appealing and could hold up well this year. However, what stocks should investors buy in 2022 remains a big question?  To provide answers, many analysts made a BUY list of stocks that investors can invest their…

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  • Zimbabwe’s Richest Man Strive Masiyiwa Makes $10.3m Profit Within 5 Days in 2022

    strive masiyiwa profit

    Strive Masiyiwa, the richest man in Zimbabwe and Executive Chairman of Econet begins the new year with a $10.3 million profit, following the rise in the market value of his stake in Cassava Smartech, a Zimbabwe-based tech company. Cassava Smartech shares have increased in value since the beginning of the…

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  • 5 Nigerian Platforms You Can Use to Invest in Stocks

    nigerian platforms invest stocks

    According to financial experts, there will be many advantages to investing in the stock market this year. Several Nigerian platforms are aiding the inclusion of many to invest in stocks. And with the recent $112 billion return of investment billionaire Warren Buffett made on Apple stocks after they reached a…

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  • Experts Provide Insights on Investing in the Stock Market in Nigeria

    experts stock market nigeria

    Financial experts recently gave their advice on the advantages of stock market investing and to leverage it in Nigeria. During a virtual event hosted by Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers to educate Nigerians on the benefits of stock market investing, the head of sales, Afolabi Gbenro, highlighted supply, demand, news, and investor…

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