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Entrepreneurs - August 17, 2022

How to Start an Iceblock Business in Nigeria

Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need a huge capital to start your iceblock business in Nigeria. The hot climatic conditions and the outdoor party life ascribed to the country also make it a viable business with the promise of returns on investment, especially when operated on a large scale.

Starting this business does not require any prior experience, and the everyday need for ice blocks by small-scale business vendors, coupled with the need for chilled drinks in a heat-induced environment and traffic, serves as the market drivers for the industry.

Though you need no prior experience, you must have a well-planned and structured business plan. This will help the business plan with the available capital at hand. You also need to consider the following.

Before you start your iceblock business in Nigeria, you must consider the location

This is important for the success of every business. If you are considering a small-scale business, you can start from your house. But if on a large scale, you need to be situated in an open place where vendors that need it can easily patronise you.

You can also consider places with high pedestrian traffic and people who need it for their everyday business needs. These people include event planners and petty traders.

Things you’ll need to start an ice block business in Nigeria

To successfully execute your business, you must have specific equipment and materials. Here are some things you must include in the expenses required for the business.


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The most important material needed for the production of ice blocks is water. Without a stable source of it, your iceblock business is not feasible. Since you will need a lot of it, digging a well or a borehole is best.

You can opt for a reservoir with a secured water delivery system if you are considering a small-scale production. 

You cannot start an Iceblock business in Nigeria without deep freezers or ice block-making machines

Source: Accounting Shock

You have two options here. You can buy a deep freezer or an ice block machine. If your business plan does not have a big budget for the business, a deep freezer is the best option. As the business grows, you can upgrade to the ice block machine.

Though an ice block machine is capital intensive, it is the best for your business. The price for it also varies as some are locally built while some are imported brands.

Before buying either the local or imported ice block machine, you must consider the freezing time as one machine varies from the other, the machine’s capacity, and the brand’s manufacturer or seller. You need to know the manufacturer or seller of your machine in case of any unforeseen machine malfunction and maintenance.

Alternative power and packaging

With the poor electricity problem in Nigeria, you need an alternative electricity source to remain in business in Nigeria. You, therefore, need to get a generator or use inbuilt solar energy to power your business. Before buying the alternative power supply, consider the generator’s capacity with that of the deep freezer or ice block machine. For the packaging, there is specific durable polythene nylon for the purpose.

Do you want to start an anti-freeze or dry ice block business in Nigeria?

Source: Oasdom

You must decide whether you want to go for an anti-freeze or dry ice block. The difference between the two is chemical.

The anti-freeze ice blocks form faster than their counterparts. This is done with the aid of chemicals and is done in containers. Dry ice, on the other hand, moulds naturally. These are the standard ice blocks produced with nylons.


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