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Business - August 26, 2022

How to Start a Themed Restaurant Business in Nigeria

A uniquely themed restaurant business often becomes a hotspot that generates a lot of word-of-mouth advertising, especially if they have good food to back up the experience. 

Restaurants with a distinctive theme are more likely to excite patrons with their food.

Customers will return frequently if there is excellent food and a distinctive concept.

But starting a restaurant business like this isn’t as simple as picking a location and creating a menu. A restaurant’s theme combines the menu, the setting, and the service.

So how do you choose the themed restaurant business that’s best for you? How do you choose a notion that will differentiate itself from the local competition?


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1. Recognise your biases when launching a themed restaurant business

To open a restaurant, you must have a solid idea of some concepts, like a fast food establishment, a bar, or international cuisine. 

Source: Entreprenur

But watch out for your own bias when it comes to the topic of your restaurant. Do other people share your belief that the location you chose for your business needs a decent bar or a restaurant? 

Even if you don’t like the neighbourhood eateries that will soon be competing with you, many people do.

Inspect other eateries from the perspective of other patrons. Perhaps you find the music played at the neighbourhood bar to be too loud, yet many enjoy it. 

Or perhaps you feel that the region lacks adequate eateries that welcome families. You may think that, but do others agree with you?

You can organise a focus group to aid in avoiding bias. Invite 10 to 15 guests to a discussion panel so they can respond to a series of sharp questions regarding topics associated with your restaurant’s theme. 

Include people outside of your close circle because this is meant to provide you with a broad perspective of your potential consumers’ opinions.

2. Learn more about your prospective clients before opening a themed restaurant business

Local chambers of commerce and small business bureaus are excellent resources for learning more about a region’s demographics. The better your restaurant concept, the more specific details you may find.

If appropriate, you should target an audience outside your immediate area. Is there a tourist location there? Maybe a beach or some other tourist destination? 

If so, will you take them into account when creating your demographics? You may strengthen your restaurant business plan and refine your concept with the assistance of all this information.

3. Know your audience for your themed restaurant business

Your concept will be further shaped by determining who will eat at your restaurant. It will decide topics like the business’s hours, seating capacity, interior design and decoration, menu offerings, and costs.

Source: Posist

For instance, you don’t need to stay open until midnight or offer a full-service sports bar if your target audience is families with young children. A fast-casual model can be practical for active young professionals.

4. Exploring food trends will help you in your themed restaurant business

Similar to fashion, food may change quickly. Rice and spaghetti are two basic menu staples that will never go out of style. 

You can learn a lot about what’s popular in cuisine right now by checking out food magazines and cookery channels. Although not every trend will work with your restaurant’s theme, being aware of what is fashionable now will help you create something that stands out.

5. Use a unique design for your themed restaurant business

You can budget effectively if you know your space, location, and design needs.

Consider your marketing plans and style in addition to the available area. Think about how to incorporate your distinctive brand into your advertising and social media channels.

This is your first chance to introduce your themed restaurant to potential buyers and pique their curiosity about your novel idea. Do not use a caustic or irreverent tone while posting on social media if the atmosphere of your restaurant is elegant and refined. Make sure everything is integrated.

You have a great chance of opening a restaurant that outlives trends—and the competition—if you discover a distinctive technique that appeals to your target market.


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