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Opinions - September 16, 2022

How to Start Your Own Clothing Brand With 0$

Nigerians are known for their unique and creative fashion sense. This space has been further enhanced by technology. Its inclusion has made it possible to start a clothing brand without capital. Though this seems farfetched, it is possible by leveraging some online selling and marketing platforms.

These platforms have revolutionalised the conventional way of starting a fashion brand. Though an oversaturated space, the platforms have seen the start of some clothing brands with little or no capital due to their immense opportunities. Here is how to tap into the opportunity and start your clothing brand.

Know the clothing brand market

Every business, whether physical or online, has an existing market. To start and be successful, you need to know every nitty gritty about the market, as the success of your business depends on your understanding of the market. You, therefore, need to know the specific need of the market, similar products and price range, the customers and their preferences, and how much they are willing to pay. This will help you to understand your competitors and have an edge.

Know your target audience and niche down

You need to narrow it down to a specific audience in a saturated market like clothing. This will help you determine your potential customers. Since they will be buying your product, you need to know and understand who they are and what they want to buy.

This will help you to narrow your niche and tailor it to your buyers. You can use the information from market research to analyse the customer base, growth opportunities, and competition. It would also help you personalise customers’ online or physical experience.

Choose a likeable clothing brand

In niching down, ensure it is a brand that all the demographics in your niche will like. This is an important thing to consider when starting. You can find some of the likeable and trending clothing items on sites such as Google Trends. Also, consider the cost price of the clothes to ensure quality, affordability, and profitability.


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How to start your clothing brand with no money

Choose and develop your business plan

Irrespective of the business, you need a business plan. This contains the detail of how the business is to be operated. Since you are starting without zero capital, the best business model is the print-on-demand (POD) dropshipping method.

This gives you the leeway to start selling your clothing brand without any initial payment. You only pay for the product when there is an order. This way, you do not risk losing if you cannot sell all your stocks. The business model thus allows you to not pay for production and storage space as your products are stored in the suppliers’ warehouse.

Have a user-friendly website

Since there is no capital, you can use platforms such as Wix, Etsy and Shopify to create a clothing business site for your brand. Since it represents your business, make it eye-catching and user-friendly in terms of navigation. When creating it, ensure there is a connection between the name of the brand, its logo, designs and other components.

Have a balanced selling price

Prices on Printify are wholesale prices and include the shipping charges. Though you control the prices of your product, try to balance it in a way that is favourable to you and the buyers. Hence, the platform recommends a 30% minimum profit margin.

So when considering the cost and quality of your brand, also think of the pricing strength of your potential customers and similar products. Remember, they only part with their money when it is pocket friendly. So choose a price that favours both parties.

Sell your product with no money for marketing

This is where you leverage different social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also use your networks of people, like your friends and family. You can market your product to everyone within and beyond your locale if properly used.


People will continue to need clothes. This shows that there will always be opportunities in the over-saturated industry. To have the edge over the existing brands, make yours creative and different from the crowd.

Remember that though it is possible to start your clothing brand without money, you cannot make millions overnight, but with consistency and creativity, you can build a thriving business.


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