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Visionaries - October 19, 2022

Heard of Lamia Tazi? A Moroccan Billionaire Who Gained Over $4.1 Million in 155 Days

Moroccan healthcare expert Lamia Tazi is the chairwoman and CEO of Shares in Marocaine Ste de Therapeutique (Sothema), one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East and Africa.

The Moroccan pharmacist has spent more than 20 years advancing the health industry.

According to the World Economic Forum, financing for global health innovation reached $44 billion in 2021, and acquisitions of health and healthtech companies increased by 50%.

Lamia Tazi also serves as head of the Omar Foundation and general manager of West Afric Pharma in Senegal. She is also vice president of the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry (FMIIP).

In addition this, Lamia Tazi has a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) from the University of Liege in Belgium (ASMEX).

Lamia Tazi’s Investment in Sothema 

Tazi started working for the company in 1997 as the CEO’s executive assistant. She got promoted to her  2019.

As a result, the pharmaceutical company’s market value on the Casablanca stock exchange increased to $941.3 million.

Lamia Tazi owns a sizable portion of the business, and this rise significantly increased the value of her shares as well as those of other investors, generating returns in the millions of dollars.

Due to the continued inflow of capital into the company following the publication of its half-year sales data, Tazi’s share in Sothema has seen a market value increase of approximately $4.2 million over the last 155 days.

The CEO has a sizeable 605,030 shares or a 8.4% stake ownership position.

The market value of Lamia Tazi’s interest in Sothema has risen from $74.99 million on May 16 to $79.18 million at this time due to the single-digit price increase.

The firm recently announced intentions to launch operations in Central Africa as part of a strategic development push intended to satisfy the group’s worldwide expansion ambitions. 

This led to a recent boost in Sothema’s value, which increased Tazi’s wealth by $4.2 million.

Sothema’s local and global reach

Since 1976, Sothema has produced and sold pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical company, which develops and markets drugs for Europe, the Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Persian Gulf, manages a varied portfolio of 35 international laboratories and produces roughly 60 million pharmaceutical units annually.

The company has a philosophy about the management of human resources, and Sothema places the employee as its first priority. Additionally, it makes an effort to retain both the processes’ simplicity and strict application.

It has a workforce of about 1,000 workers, and its six manufacturing sites turn out more than 60 million units a year. The business started manufacturing China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine in June 2021.

Sothema is a business with solid beliefs and resources. It was the first Moroccan pharmaceutical lab to be placed on the stock exchange after its first public offering in 2005.

This will give Sothema more access to finance options for the company’s future growth both domestically and internationally.


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