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Insight & Analysis - November 24, 2022

PR Guru, Rowaidah Bibers Talks Crises Management for Businesses in Africa

Rowaidah Bibers is a PR trailblazer in Egypt and the Middle East. She’s the founder of The Pros, a pioneer PR agency in the region. She was also the General Manager at POD, a major player in the PR space. 

Bibers’s has attributed her success in PR to how much it aligns with her passion and flair. “I made it a point to start networking, and I really did. I never visit a place without making it a point to get to know someone new, even if that person is unrelated to my work. I’m very passionate about getting to know people in general, and I regard PR as a talent in itself,” said Bibers in a session with Identity Magazine.

At any point in time, a business can encounter a crisis, and the right PR can restore order. Biber opined that companies that aren’t strong in corporate communication will face more crises for which they aren’t prepared. 

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Bibers opines that after the series of crises in 2011, companies and corporations on the continent have gotten onboard with the value of PR. “They now understand that communication is key to their success, whether it’s communication with the government, the media or with the internal labor force,” she said.

Bibers spotlight the winning factor in PR

According to Bibers, at the core of PR is the ability to communicate effectively and be people-smart. “If you have good communication internally with your team, you will undoubtedly excel in your career. On the other hand, if you lack strong communication ties with your team or regard them as anything other than your own flesh and blood, you will most definitely fail,” she said.

 Bibers adds that your internal working structure always impacts your external work. Your team is your backbone, and they are the driving force behind any good work. She said to succeed in the PR field, you must understand and practise the concepts of transparency and love with your team, as these are the two main components of successful management.

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