Top Billionaire Investors in Lagos that Can Fund Your Business
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Top Billionaire Investors in Lagos that Can Fund Your Business

Lagos has a  large number of potentials for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking capital to turn their business dreams into reality. Also, there lies some group of influential individuals whose immense wealth and investment acumen have the potential to fund and propel promising ventures to new heights. These billionaire investors hold the key to unlocking financial resources that can fuel the growth and success of ambitious entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs in search of funding, establishing connections with these top billionaire investors is crucial. This requires a strategic approach that involves networking, attending industry events, and presenting compelling business proposals that align with the investors’ interests and vision. 

This article would highlight some top billionaires whose wealth, expertise, and extensive networks can provide the necessary financial backing and guidance needed to navigate the competitive business landscape.

Tomi Davies

Harry Tomi Davies is a Nigerian British investor with significant contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He has a mark as a prominent investor and advocate for startups and technology-driven businesses in Nigeria

With a strong interest in angel investing, he co-founder the Lagos Angel Network (LAN), a network of individuals and organizations angel investors to collaborate and support promising businesses, offering mentorship, funding, and valuable connections. He went on to be the co-founder and president of the African Business Angels Network, a pan-African non-profit association founded to support the development of early-stage investor networks in November 2014.

Davies has a keen eye for innovative ventures and has been actively involved in funding startups across various sectors. He has invested around US$1.2 million into startups including Sproxil,, SimplePay, PushCV and Pledge 51, putting between US$25,000 and US$50,000 into each startup per round.

His investments and contributions have had a tangible impact on the entrepreneurial landscape, making him an influential figure in the quest for funding and success. Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a passion for making a difference can look to Tomi Davies as a potential partner who can provide not only financial backing but also valuable guidance and connections to propel their ventures forward.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji is a renowned billionaire investor in Lagos who actively supports and invests in early-stage startups, particularly in the technology and fintech sectors. As a co-founder of Andela, he has played a pivotal role in connecting African developers with job opportunities, access to international roles, competitive compensation, and career coaching through the Andela Learning Community.

As the general partner and co-founder of Future Africa, a platform that provides capital, coaching and community for mission-driven innovators, he aims to empower entrepreneurs, foster innovation, and create job opportunities across various sectors. In the first half of 2022, Future Africa invested US$1.1 million into 17 companies adding 15 new ventures to its portfolio which brings Future Africa’s total portfolio company count to 79. 

Aboyeji is a highly influential billionaire investor in Lagos who actively supports and invests in early-stage startups, particularly those driving innovation in the technology and fintech sectors.

Tayo Oviosu

Tayo Oviosu, founder and Group CEO of Paga, a mobile payments company that is focused on digitizing cash in emerging economies. Nigeria is Paga’s first market and is a prominent billionaire investor in Lagos known for his active involvement in fueling the city’s entrepreneurial growth.

Oviosu has made strategic investments in startups providing valuable guidance and mentorship to the entrepreneurs he invests in, helping them navigate the business landscape and achieve success. He invested in ChopUp, a mobile gaming startup in 2014. The investment’s  Angel Round, was valued at $100k. He is also an investor in ReelFruit, a fruit processing agribusiness.

His expertise, combined with his financial resources, positions him as a sought-after partner for entrepreneurs seeking funding and expertise in Lagos. 

Bola Tijani

Olatunbosun Tijani is renowned for funding innovative startups with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship and driving innovation and economic growth in the city. He is a Nigerian-British entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of Co-Creation Hub, a platform whose work is at the forefront of accelerating the application of innovation and social capital for a better society.

Tijani launched Growth Capital, an investment arm that is set to invest billions of Naira in social tech ventures in future years. The Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) Growth Capital (GC) Fund has invested in over eight startups with a mandate to invest in Nigerian startups solving local infrastructural problems. 

Entrepreneurs seeking funding from Tijani should present transformative ideas with strong market potential. 

Mark Essien

Mark Anthony Essien is a dynamic billionaire investor based in Lagos, who is actively driving the tech revolution in the city. With a focus on technology-driven businesses, Essien has established himself as a prominent figure in the investment landscape. As the founder of, Nigeria’s leading online hotel booking platform, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess and deep understanding of the market.

Essien’s investments and support extend beyond his own venture. He actively seeks out promising startups in Lagos and provides them with funding and guidance to fuel their growth. He has invested in several startups which includes joining in 2016 to invest in an online startup called Oga Venue. Oga Venue is a venue booking platform that features over 6000 event locations all over the country of Nigeria.

This has placed him as an influential billionaire investor to watch for aspiring entrepreneurs in Lagos.

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