Linda Bonyo - Towards her Impactful Advocacy in Kenya's Legal Arena
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Profiles - June 7, 2023

Linda Bonyo: Towards her Impactful Advocacy in Kenya’s Legal Arena

Linda Bonyo has shown unwavering dedication and transformative efforts while leaving an indelible mark on society through the pursuit of justice and equality. Her remarkable contributions have not only transformed individual lives but have also ushered in profound legal reforms and inspired future generations to continue the pursuit of justice.

As an expert in Digital Law specializing in digital policy and justice innovation within the African continent, Bonyo provides consultancy services in the areas of Data Governance and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity, and Digital Trade Policy. She has remained a beacon of hope, armed with her legal expertise, passion for social change, and an unyielding commitment to the principles of justice and human rights. 

This article will explore the extraordinary journey of Linda Bonyo in terms of her innovation towards justice in Kenya’s legal arena. 

Founding advocacy organizations

Linda Bonyo’s dedication to promoting justice and defending human rights led her to establish several influential advocacy organizations in Kenya. She serves as the founder and CEO of Lawyers’ Hub, a community platform designed to empower lawyers by enabling them to explore emerging technologies and enhance their digital skills. The platform also supports policy advocacy efforts that aim to hold governments accountable in matters related to justice.

Lawyers’ Hub is dedicated to various areas of focus including Privacy and Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property, Digital Identity, Internet Governance, Digital Tax, Lending, and the intersection of Technology and Democracy. Also, she convenes the Africa Law Tech Festival, through the Lawyers hub, a platform that brings together Tech innovation and Legal fields across African Countries. Linda is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Through her advocacy, Linda has played a vital role in challenging discriminatory practices, influencing policy reforms, and fostering a more inclusive legal system.

Promoting access to justice for marginalized communities

Linda Bonyo’s commitment to justice extends towards working tirelessly to amplify the voices of marginalized communities. The access to justice program by Africa Lawyers Hub stands as a crucial initiative within the organization. Its primary objective is to advance access to justice for marginalized communities across Africa. 

The organization strives to ensure that legal services are accessible to these communities and provides support to lawyers engaged in advocacy on their behalf. Linda Bonyo has championed the rights of ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized groups, ensuring their access to justice and advocating for their inclusion in all aspects of society.

Influence on legal reforms

Linda is an advocate in the Kenya High Court as well as a partner at Bonyo Mwongela & Company Advocates which specialises in immigration law. Her advocacy initiative, Lawyers hub is also a community of Lawyers working to employ Tech and innovation to ease access to Justice for Startups and Innovators and offer technical support to Policy makers via innovation hubs.

This idea has influenced the process of examining, advocating and implementing and giving out justice in the legal system. She has actively engaged in policy discussions, collaborated with government bodies, and provided expert opinions on crucial legal matters. Her contributions have shaped legislation, legal frameworks, and court decisions, thereby leaving a lasting impact on the country’s legal system.

Outstanding recognitions

Linda Bonyo’s influential advocacy work has not gone unnoticed, earning her recognition and accolades both nationally and internationally. She serves as the African ambassador of the Global Legal Summit, fostering international collaboration in understanding and shaping the intersection of technology and global systems within the legal industry.

Bonyo also made it to the list of Global Tech’s Changemakers list that celebrates those who are “shaping national policies,” among others through  Africa’s first lawtech festival she organized in 2020. The event gathered more than 20 African countries and over 1,000 participants.  

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