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Financial Literacy

  • 5 Side Gigs That are a Waste of Time

    side gigs waste time

    Side gigs are a terrific way to earn more income, but they are some that are simply a  waste of time. Not all side hustles are made equal, and the majority of literature on the subject either offers very basic ideas that can’t be grown into a viable business. You’ll…

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  • Funding Opportunities You Probably Didn’t Know About in Nigeria 

    Accessing funding opportunities has been a huge setback for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Despite raising billions of dollars in 2021, many Nigerian entrepreneurs with unique ideas were still unable to get the funding they needed to launch or develop their businesses. Finance is the engine that drives every business, and without…

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  • 7 Life-Changing Superpowers You Didn’t Know You Can Develop

    life-changing superpowers

    Successful people develop life-changing superpowers to foster their growth to success at a point in their lives.  We adore superheroes, whether fantastical or real, Pixar-produced or true-to-life. Perhaps we are awestruck by their mystical abilities. Maybe we live vicariously via others, feeding our endless fantasies of the impossible rendered feasible…

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  • 5 Scams People Still Fall For

    scams people fall

    Human nature is the biggest weakness in any system. Interestingly, there are some outlandish scams people still fall for despite the avalanche of awareness and sensitisation online and offline. On the other hand, it might be hasty to blame the victims because the scammers, too, are devising new techniques to…

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  • 10 Reasons Poor People Hate the Rich

    poor hate rich

    There has always been a visible divide between the rich and the poor. This has resulted in the majority of poor people having to hate the rich. People often say “eat the rich” which is a slogan often associated with anti-capitalism and far-left ideology. It can sometimes be interpreted as…

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  • 5 Drugs People Take to Get Smarter 

    drugs people smarter

    Did you know there are natural medications that can help healthy people boost their mental capacity? They’re called ‘smart drugs’ or nootropics and they’re legal.  These drugs, which many high performing people take, have become increasingly popular in today’s competitive culture, and they’re frequently used to improve memory, focus, creativity,…

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  • 7 Netflix Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch 

    Netflix movies entrepreneur

    Watching Netflix movies as an entrepreneur can help you come up with fresh ideas and relieve stress. With the intensity of your work, you are under a lot of strain as an entrepreneur. As a result, it demands periodic pauses to prevent burnout.  It’s been noted that when we watch…

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  • 3 Big Mistakes You Make by Copying the Rich

    You can make big financial mistakes by closely copying the lifestyles of the rich, including their routines, behaviours, and investments. Many assume that if they keep copying what the rich do, they will become rich. The rich secret isn’t what you see them doing now. The secret is concealed in…

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Money Work For You

    The process to make your money work for you are crucial step toward financial stability and independence.  Earning money by trading your time is crucial. But finding a means to make money without being actively involved is just as important.  Through investing, you may be able to achieve financial independence…

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  • 5 Ways Being Poor is Expensive

    being poor expensive

    It can sound contradictory to say that being poor is expensive. But many times, poor people have to spend more money to get by in their daily lives. The poor man usually pays charged twice. When you don’t have enough money, you’re compelled to make short-term judgments that add to…

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