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  • Why Netflix is Laying Off 150 Staff as Users Face New Restrictions

    netflix staff

    Netflix has cut off almost 150 staff, mainly in the United States, as the company struggles with weak user growth and delayed subscriptions payment. Approximately 70 part-time staff at Netflix’s animation studio would be forced to quit and roughly 26 contractors working on Netflix’s fan-focused Tudum website may be laid…

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  • Flutterwave Partners AfroSport to Air AFCON 2021 for Free

    Flutterwave AFCON 2021

    Africa’s premier payment technology company, Flutterwave, partnered with Africa’s first continental free-to-air sports channel, AfroSport Network, to broadcast the Africa Cup of Nations – AFCON 2021 matches free-to-air (FTA). Flutterwave’s CEO, Mr Olugbenga Agboola, announced this through a blog post titled “It’s time to cheer for Africa”. He says the…

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  • 5 African Companies that have Successfully Pivoted

    African companies

    While pivoting a business might give a failing company new vitality, to some, it requires you to start over and forsake all past investments. Pivoting means changing the direction of your business. This change, however, can be total or partial. The primary purpose of pivoting is to assist your business…

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  • 5 Things You Don’t Know About Jack Dorsey

    Jack Dorsey ceo

    The news of Jack Dorsey resigning as the CEO of the microblogging and social media platform, Twitter, came as a surprise. Dorsey has been the face of the platform since it launched in 2006, playing a significant role in international controversies.  Dorsey will remain on the board of the social…

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  • Top 5 Tax Consulting Firms in Nigeria

    Tax Consultancies Firms in Nigeria

    Today’s corporate environment is fast-paced and unpredictable. To stay up with stakeholders’ expectations, business managers must make accurate and timely judgements in the face of change and uncertainty. These decisions are always entangled with regulatory and tax repercussions. That’s why it is important for companies to know the best tax…

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  • 5 Pension Funds Companies in Nigeria

    pension funds companies in Nigeria

    Everyone intends to retire at some point. As a result, it is vital to prepare ahead and commit their pension money to a trustworthy third party. Surprisingly, there are numerous pension funds companies in Nigeria to consider before making a final decision. Let’s consider some of Nigerian’s top five pension…

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  • These 3 Tech Giants are Considering to Buy into Cryptocurrency

    Leading companies considering cryptocurrencies

    Many businesses that are early adopters of cryptocurrency have benefitted immensely amid its volatility. With the global crypto market capitalisation hovering between $2.83 trillion and $3 trillion as of the time of filing this report, and the volume of all stable coins at $96.22 billion, tech giants are beginning to…

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  • Top 5 Nigerian Companies with the Best Customer Service

    Customer Care Services Companies in Nigeria 

    Almost everyone has had their fair share of bitter-sweet customer service experience in Nigeria. More often than not, the customer experiences we hear about in Africa’s most populous nation are unpleasant. The horror stories especially emanate from three major industries: the banking sector, the telecommunication sector, and the power sector.…

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  • 5 Biggest and Most Patronised E-commerce Platforms in Nigeria

    Affordable E-commerce Firms

    According to statista, 80% of people prefer online shopping, an upward spiral that was occasioned by the COVID-19 lockdown last year. Expectedly, many who were skeptical about online shopping prior to the pandemic now prefer to shop online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores, even after the lockdowns were lifted.  In…

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  • Top 6 Smartphone Brands with the Highest Market Share in Africa

    Smartphone Brand

    The Smartphone market in Africa has grown intensively in 2021. One can say the COVID-19 pandemic made this possible – as everyone tried to maintain an effective virtual means of communication for personal and business purposes. A report from International Data Corporation (IDC) identifies in its newly released Worldwide Quarterly…

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