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Tips - September 2, 2022

5 Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier as an Entrepreneur

The advent of technology has made life easier for the entrepreneur who understands that smart work is the new hard work. There are innovative software, tools and other inventions – many are free – that would make any business owner far more efficient than in the past. This has boosted productivity and catalysed business growth the world over.

Sadly, some entrepreneurs are still stuck in the past. They ignorantly underplay the new digital trends and do business as usual while new competitors overtake them. While some old business methods are still relevant, some are obsolete. 

Here are some tools that can make your life easier.

DropBox should be any entrepreneur’s best friend

This software program allows entrepreneurs to work smart and be productive. Instead of going through the rigorous process of filing documents or saving files on systems without backups, DropBox will enable you to save in the cloud.

It serves as a cloud storage system that helps digital professionals and entrepreneurs store and access information from any device in the world. The software also protects the stored files from a breach.

Perch makes work easier for entrepreneurs

In terms of optimising communication for entrepreneurs that operate both a physical and non-physical office space, Perch is a tool you can leverage.

It is an always-on video communication platform with features like face detection, the intelligent connection between users, and snapshot usage. This way, scheduling meetings with clients and co-workers is stress-free.


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OnTheClock makes life easier and helps an entrepreneur keep track of time

Time equals money in the business space. To keep track of it, some entrepreneurs use OnTheClock. It is an online time tracking software that makes work easier with features such as payroll integration, project and payroll reporting, paid time off (PTO) tracking, GPS tracking, multiple location punch-ins, and others that cater to business needs.

The software is also compatible with mobile phones and has a mobile time clock application. OnTheClock is used by businesses worldwide.

Skype makes life easier for an entrepreneur and team members

Besides being a communication medium, Skype makes work easier with features such as conference calls, internal and external meetings, file sharing and others.

It is built in such a way that it enhances teamwork, declutters messages, and eases communication. Communication has no boundaries. You can easily communicate with anyone in the world.

Hootsuite simplifies social media for an entrepreneur

HootSuite is a social media tool that helps entrepreneurs manage, monitor and update all their social media platforms. It also provides insightful analytics on social media engagement. HootSuite also helps schedule and publish multiple posts across all the accounts.

Since traction is needed and posting is time-based, the platform improves the posting time to increase views and engagement. As the world has gone digital, it is a reliable companion to entrepreneurs. With it, social media is made easy.


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