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Opinions - September 20, 2022

5 Hot Ways to Earn Online No One is Talking About

The internet offers endless opportunities, which has seen entrepreneurs migrate their businesses online. This economic shift has, in turn, increased the creation of hot job opportunities that are legitimate ways to earn money online. 

Contrary to the traditional way of doing business, the flexibility of the internet offers multiple income streams that are easy to do with the increase in digital and technological awareness. The more awareness, the more people are looking for ways to generate more income.

Despite this, the internet space is unsaturated as some areas are yet to be explored. Here are some hot spaces where you can earn more money online.

Build and Rent Websites

Every business needs an online presence. It is possible by owning a website. This has seen the creation of different website platforms. With the increasing need for it, you can build and rent out your website to small businesses on a contract basis. This way, you can generate a semi-passive income.

To ensure you make more money, build your site to a niche, to make it rank well using search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices and rent it to businesses. The method here is straightforward. The more you rank in high-paying industries and locations, the more money you can charge your tenants.

Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and selling domain names is one way people make money online. If correctly done, you can buy a domain at a lesser price and resell it at a high price. This is because domains appreciate with time. Since businesses are migrating online, this is a lucrative business to leverage.

To properly navigate this online space and generate your profits, ensure that when you buy a domain, you narrow your focus, find names that offer real value, check domain availability, evaluate the price and get your domains in front and centre of the buying and selling space.


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Narrate audiobooks

If you have a good voice that captivates listeners, you can monetise it. The flexibility of being a  narrator makes it possible for you to combine it with other jobs. All it takes to start is to have a good reading skill capable of bringing a story to life, imitate and use different voices, and be organised, timely and professional.

If you are new to the job, you can start by volunteering to read at public events or practice in the presence of family and friends. This way, you can enhance your skills and build your portfolio. You can join the audio publishers association in your environment for better opportunities to learn and network. You can also create a website for yourself and a social media platform where people can view and access your work. To get more jobs, apply through audiobook marketplaces such as ACX, Bunny Studio and Voices.

Review apps, websites, and software

This is a verified way of earning money online. Fisayo Fosudo is a Nigerian YouTuber making his dollars from reviewing technological devices such as phones and apps. These reviews have skyrocketed tech companies’ revenues and helped them improve their products.

To start, you just need to be a pro in a particular niche or more and have a knack for analysing user experience. This is because before you can review, you must have a prior experience with the product.

Apart from reviewing products for companies as a solopreneur, you can also give reviews which serve as feedback to some companies on platforms such as UserTesting, TryMyUI, PlaytestCloud and Userfeel.

Social media consultant

Monetise your social media knowledge. Once you have successfully understood all there is about a platform, you can get paid for every consultation and advice you give to people. All it takes is for you to be a professional in your niche.

Once you are a recognised pro in your space, companies will pay for ideas and advice on creating social media strategies and producing videos. To sell yourself to the highest payer, create a portfolio that shows how you grow a brand’s awareness and audience, create viral videos and manage a community.


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