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Interviews - October 26, 2022

Ibiyemi Ajiboye is a Rising Star in Corporate Law

Ibiyemi Ajiboye is a brilliant corporate lawyer and a rising star at one of the most reputable law firms in Nigeria, Banwo & Ighodalo. Early on, unlike most young people, he was convinced he wanted to be a lawyer after his exposure to notable human rights activists.

In this interview with Business Elites Africa, he talks about his struggle to choose between Law and medicine, his career and plans for the future.

Source: Business Elites Africa

BEA: Many lawyers I have spoken to said their parents largely influenced their decision to study Law. Did you have a similar experience?

Thank you, I know a lot about that kind of story, but I had the intention to become a lawyer all along. However, my dad wanted me to be a doctor. He believed doctors are well-paid. He was an accountant, so he wanted one of his children to be in science class so I could be a doctor.

I remember moving from junior secondary to senior secondary school when you had to decide whether to go to art or science class.

I went to the art class for the first term, and after my first term result came out, my dad sat me down, and he was like, ‘I don’t want you to be a lawyer. I want you to go to science class and start reading books like biology, physics, and chemistry.

I obliged when I resumed the second term. Thankfully, there was guidance and counselling in my school then, so I went to inform them that I wanted to change to science class because my dad wanted me to become a doctor. They reviewed my result for the previous term and said, ‘why do you want to change? You performed very well, are even the best in your class and came third overall.’ At this time, my dad didn’t even know I was Hemophobia. I never liked the sight of blood. So, based on the persuasion of the guidance and counselling team, plus my conviction, my dad succumbed and gave me the go-ahead to study Law.

Source: Business Elites Africa

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