Fireboy DML Make it to Forbes: 5 Things to Know About the Afrobeat Star
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Fireboy DML Make it to Forbes: 5 Things to Know About the Afrobeat Star

Nigerian Afrobeat Star, FireBoy DML was recently announced as one of the guest speakers at the 2023 Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa. The event begins in Botswana on the 23rd of April and ends on the 26th of April, 2023. 

Fireboy is set to address some of the world’s most elite young entrepreneurs and game changers who will be in attendance. The event will give Fireboy an occasion to tell his story on a global platform and grant him the opportunity to network and learn.

While we look forward to the event that is set to play a crucial role in advancing Africa’s growth and discovering new ideas in business,” it is important to get familiar with the Afrobeat Star. Let’s take a look at 5 things that makes Fireboy DML who he is.

From songwriter to Afro-beat Star

Adedamola Afolahan, popularly known as Fireboy DML started his music career by writing poems. From writing poems, he graduated to writing song lyrics. He knew he could sing but he didn’t take the talent seriously. During his days at Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU), he started performing at some shows. His performance earned him some popularity among students, which made him begin to consider a career in music. 

After school, he relocated to Lagos to stay with some friends. The Afrobeats started registering his presence at shows but he later decided against it. Went back home and started writing songs. Speaking in one of his interviews, he said,  “I wrote songs for people, some for N30k, others for N50k. Songs that I regret selling, but it is part of the process.”  He also took advantage of some musical equipment in his friend’s house and started making his own songs.

Afro Life: Fireboy’s different spice

Fireboy introduces a different spice through his music, tagged Afro-Life. His Afro-Life is a combination of Afrobeats (melody and vibes) with soul and lyricism. This is very evident in all his songs. Highly influenced by Passenger, Wande Coal, and Jon Bellion, Fireboy dropped his first track, Jealous, in 2018. The song which combines African harmonies with elements of country and soul music is composed of guitar riffs, traditional drums and percussion. It is also centred around love and the complicated feelings that accompany it.

He once said, “I want people to feel because I feel like my music is something you listen to and feel the exact emotions. There are times when you’d listen and smile or laugh; there are times when you want to cry, emotions driving you to tears; You will feel one of those emotions, or all of them at once if you listen. 

Fireboy’s desire to stand out 

The Afrobeats star is obsessed with standing out. This is what influenced his Afro-Life spice. Speaking about his maiden album “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps (LNG)” produced in 2019, Fireboy said, “I’m really obsessed with standing out. I feel that’s the only way a difference can be made.” He noted that he doesn’t choose random names for his songs because he wants people to connect with them.

In an interview, Fireboy said, “Right from the jump, even when I was underground, it would always be me, in my room, lights off, just recording, getting bits off YouTube, getting bits off random producers, just creating and creating. I literally taught myself to be able to discern when I create and whether it was great or not. I have always been that sort of guy.”

His tips for making an Afrobeat hit

Speaking from his wealth of experience, Fireboy noted that creating the right energy in the studio, using your surroundings as inspiration and not thinking too much about the music are tips that can guarantee an Afrobeat hit. Importantly, he hammered on the need to ‘be yourself and get familiar with writing.

A passion to take Afrobeats global

Fireboy who has had a great run so far once noted that he wants to be part of artists that would take Afrobeats global.” From his first track “Jealous”, his romantic single “What If I Say,” his debut studio album “Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps” to his 2021 single “Peru,” the Nigerian artist seems to be chasing his passion as an Afrobeats Intelligence. Also, Forbes’ recent announcement gives credence to his passion. 

According to him, Afrobeats are powerful and go deeper than music. He says, “It’s the culture, it’s our heritage. It’s just like how hip hop is more than the music; hip hop is celebrated as a culture.”

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