Escape to Prosperity: 5 Countries with the Best Standard of Living for Immigrants
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Insight & Analysis - July 21, 2023

Escape to Prosperity: 5 Countries with the Best Standard of Living for Immigrants

For many immigrants, seeking prosperity beyond their homeland is a life-changing decision, fortunately, some nations stand out as welcoming havens for those seeking to escape to a more prosperous and fulfilling life offering a higher standard of living and promising opportunities for a brighter future.

In this article, we will delve into some countries renowned for their immigrant-friendly policies and exceptional living standards. These nations are ranked based on their economy, standard of living and comfort for the family given potential for personal and professional growth. Let’s dive in.

New Zealand

New Zealand, renowned for its goodwill towards foreigners, has emerged as a top destination for those seeking a better life. Boasting an exquisite ecological landscape and a rich cultural heritage, the country offers immigrants a unique blend of natural beauty and economic stability. According to HSBC estimates, international professionals in New Zealand earn an average of $88,041 per year, making it an attractive choice for those in pursuit of prosperity. 

With a strong focus on tourism, agriculture, education, healthcare, and forestry, foreign specialists find ample opportunities to thrive in various sectors. Notably, New Zealand consistently ranks among the top 10 countries with a high standard of living, a recognition calculated annually by the reputable Numbeo portal.


Switzerland, a beacon of stability and prosperity, entices immigrants with an improved standard of living. HSBC’s survey reveals 82% of foreigners experiencing a significant uplift in their quality of life. Economic and political stability breeds confidence in 80% of immigrants, who also feel secure in the country. Switzerland’s pristine ecology motivates 70% to lead more active lives and relax.

Nevertheless, high costs for real estate, education, and medical services exist compared to other EU nations but skilled professionals, particularly in IT, medicine, and finance, are in demand, earning an impressive average income of $203,000 yearly in Swiss companies. For those seeking security and a prosperous life, Switzerland beckons with open arms.


Germany, a magnet for skilled immigrants, boasts a thriving environment for foreign specialists working in German companies, with an average annual income of $95,337, as reported by HSBC. A key draw is the country’s exceptional level of education, with 47 German universities listed among the world’s top 500, including prestigious institutions like the Technical University, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Heidelberg University, amongst others. 

Attractive salaries entice individuals from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), contributing to Germany’s largest Russian-speaking diaspora, exceeding one million people. With its strong economic prospects and renowned educational institutions, Germany stands as an enticing destination for those seeking a prosperous and intellectually stimulating life.


Spain, a haven for foreign investors, offers a welcoming migration policy that allows for a swift residence permit acquisition within 2 or 3 months in exchange for investments. Whether in real estate, businesses, government bonds, or bank deposits, the opportunities abound. Low costs of living and affordable real estate further attract foreigners to this captivating destination. The allure of Spain extends beyond financial prospects, as its comfortable climate and rich cultural heritage add to its popularity.

After making the move, immigrants often report a marked improvement in their physical and psychological well-being. The blend of lucrative investment options, a pleasant climate, and a vibrant culture makes Spain an enticing choice for those seeking a prosperous and fulfilling life abroad.


Canada, a shining beacon among countries with the best standard of living for immigrants, has garnered top accolades from the US News World Report for its economic and political stability, security, and conducive atmosphere for family life, offering excellent education and healthcare opportunities. Immigrant investors find Canada particularly attractive, as citizenship can be obtained by investing 1.2 million Canadian dollars, and all family members, including children under 18, receive passports simultaneously. 

This generous policy fosters a sense of security and unity for families pursuing a better life in Canada. With its welcoming environment, abundant opportunities, and focus on family well-being, Canada continues to stand as an ideal destination for immigrants seeking prosperity and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

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