Moniepoint Launches 3rd Edition of Women in Tech Internship Program: What to Expect
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Fintech - August 4, 2023

Moniepoint Launches 3rd Edition of Women in Tech Internship Program: What to Expect

Moniepoint, a prominent African Fintech firm specializing in offering banking services for businesses, has commenced the 3rd edition of its women in Tech internship program with a grand event dedicated to honoring the latest cohort of talented and aspiring women in the technology sector.

This event united exceptional female technical talents from both within and beyond Moniepoint, featuring luminaries such as Adora Nwodo and Chisom Nwokwu, who are Software Engineers at Microsoft, along with Zulumoke Oyibo, the co-founder of Inkblot Productions.

The event, titled “Tech Dreams, Activated,” centered on warmly embracing the incoming interns into the Moniepoint family while providing them with essential knowledge to propel their journey forward. 

Taking place at The House in Victoria Island, Lagos, it buzzed with energy, combining insightful career talks, interactive hands-on activities, and exhilarating games. Through this dynamic gathering, a strong sense of camaraderie was cultivated, fostering a profound understanding of the unique experiences and opportunities that come with building a tech career as a woman.

Moniepoint recruits women intern annually

Starting from 2021, Moniepoint has been consistently adding five talented women to their team annually. These women actively contribute to the development of their products in real-time, making significant strides in the field of technology. Through their dedicated efforts, they create innovative solutions that enhance the experiences of more than a million businesses in emerging markets.

With the goal of providing young African women with opportunities to pursue careers in technology, the six-month-long internship program has been instrumental in enabling these women to join Moniepoint in full-time roles following the internship period. It serves as a crucial stepping stone in their professional journeys, empowering them to build successful and fulfilling careers in the tech industry.

In the current year, the internship program has successfully accepted five women into Moniepoint, who will be taking up roles in four key areas: System Administration, Quality Assurance, Front End Engineering, and Product Management. These talented women will contribute their expertise and skills to further enhance Moniepoint’s services and offerings, solidifying the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and excellence within its workforce.

The benefits of the internship

During the internship, each woman will receive personalized mentorship, ensuring their professional growth and development. Additionally, they will enjoy various perks, including a competitive salary, access to essential work tools, exclusive merchandise, and the chance to work on live projects, gaining invaluable real-world experience. 

Furthermore, based on their performance assessment after the internship, they may be offered full-time employment, cementing their place as valuable members of the Moniepoint team.

We are deeply committed to not only cultivating the tech talent pool across Africa but also establishing clear pathways for sustainable, full-time careers in the industry. We recognize that women, despite their significant contributions, tend to have shorter career spans in this field, as indicated by statistics.

Chinaza Nduka-Dike, Head of People Operations at Moniepoint said past interns who have successfully completed the program now hold pivotal positions within the company’s Engineering team, with some even making strides in other African markets. Beyond merely providing entry points into the industry, they strive to consciously develop a supportive ecosystem that encourages and empowers women to thrive in these roles. He called it the differentiating factor of the Moniepoint Women-In-Tech internship

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