Who's Helen Williams: The Nigerian Wigmaker Who Just Broke Guinness World Record
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Who’s Helen Williams: The Nigerian Wigmaker Who Just Broke Guinness World Record

Helen Williams, a wigmaker hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, has made a significant mark in the Guinness World Records by crafting the world’s longest handmade wig. This remarkable achievement measures an astonishing 351.28 meters (1,152 ft 5 in) in length.¬†

Helen dedicated a remarkable 11 days and invested over two million naira (£2,031; $2,493) to create this record-breaking wig.

The Guinness World Records officially acknowledged Helen’s extraordinary feat. They celebrated her achievement on its official “X” account, stating, “Helen Williams from Lagos, Nigeria has achieved a new record for the longest handmade wig which stretches an incredible 351.28 meters (1,152 ft 5 in).”

How Helen William achieved this feat

To construct this extraordinary wig, Helen created an underlay using wig-cap netting and black fabric attached to a bicycle helmet. She then meticulously assembled the hairpiece using 1,000 bundles of hair, 12 cans of hair spray, 35 tubes of hair glue, and 6,250 hair clips.

Helen, who has eight years of professional experience as a wigmaker, typically produces an impressive 50 to 300 wigs per week. However, creating a Guinness world record breaking wig of this magnitude presented its unique set of challenges. She says, “Finding the materials to make the longest wig was not an easy task. My experience as a wigmaker helped a lot.”

Despite facing moments of exhaustion during the process, Helen remained determined to complete her ambitious project. She drew strength and motivation from the support of her friends and family, ensuring she did not let them down. The result of her unwavering dedication is now recognized as the longest-handmade wig in the world.

Helen’s subsequent challenges

One of the major challenges Helen encountered was finding a suitable space to lay out the wig in a straight line and accurately measure it. None of the venues she initially visited, including several running tracks, were long enough to accommodate the wig.

Ultimately, she decided to conduct the measurement beside the Lagos‚ÄďAbeokuta Expressway, a lengthy road connecting the cities of Lagos and Abeokuta.

Following her remarkable achievement, the Guinness world record breaking wig now resides in Helen’s office, where she welcomes anyone interested to come and admire it at their convenience.

Helen Williams expressed her immense joy and disbelief at being included in the Guinness World Records book, stating, “It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I still cannot believe it.” Helen Williams has truly left an indelible mark in the world of wig-making with her exceptional accomplishments.

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