Gbenga Eyiolawi is one of the entrepreneurs who took a real bold plunge on the opportunities provided by the Nigerian government to encourage the local production of food. He reluctantly pulled back from his real estate business to give rice farming a shot –  only to find out that it was a goldmine.

Eyiolawi established Titan Farms, which is now a leading rice manufacturing and trading company in Nigeria, and with a strong market presence in the South West region.

In this interview with Business Elites Africa, he tells us how started rice farming and the challenges that he had to surmount. He also recounts his humble childhood and how he failed at other businesses due to lack of capital and bad government policies. To him, you don’t need passion to be successful in business. He attributed the accelerated growth of his company to him treating the business as a fun game that he played right, in addition to the right team.

Watch the full video to learn the invaluable business lessons Eyiolawi dished.

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