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Tips - March 26, 2022

5 Long-standing Lies Successful Entrepreneurs Tell You

In the name of providing motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs, many tell lies and teach what they don’t practise.

While taking lessons from successful entrepreneurs is not bad, you must not take some of their advice hook, line and sinker. 

In the name of providing motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs, many tell lies and teach what they don’t practise.

Some successful entrepreneurs are just overzealous motivational speakers who try to position themselves as authoritative and prove they earned the right to mentor budding entrepreneurs. 

But in reality, they are also struggling with the same advice they’re giving you. Many don’t like to admit that luck played a part in their success story.

Here are some of the things successful entrepreneurs tell you that are farther from the truth.

It’s all about hard work

This is a big lie because if it were all about hard work, everybody would already be a millionaire, especially people who do menial work, such as cleaners, stay-at-home moms, and trash collectors.

Hard work alone does not guarantee success with these jobs. It needs commitment, a support system, a hale and hearty body and mind.

Fake it till you make it

The notion of “faking it till you make it” is unrealistic as you cannot be what you are not. Even if you pretend to be someone else on paper, your body language will tell you differently.

Your way of speaking, standing, and demeanour will not convey the confidence you’re attempting to project. Instead, be open, humble, and willing to learn as you go. It’s preferable to lying all day.

You can do anything

This is a deception because not everyone can accomplish everything. As a result, everyone has their own set of skills and shortcomings.

Instead of assuming that you can do and be anything you desire, as you’ve been told since you were a child, concentrate on your strengths while progressively improving your limitations. 

Like it or not, not everyone can achieve anything. Specific human thoughts and desires are only wishful thinking and fantasy.

Stop when you’re done, not when you’re tired

This is a little excessive because to become a successful person; you also need a lot of relaxation. Instead of putting in 12-16 hours every day, preserve your energy for other essential things.

The fact is that being successful and being extremely busy are two completely distinct facets of your entrepreneurial career. Being extremely busy always tends to produce mental anguish, resulting in concentration problems.

It can also lead to various health problems, such as irritation and sleep problems. Due to this, rest is vital to attain business success and happiness.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win

This famous adage from Vince Lombardi has been generally accepted, yet it’s a lie that should be ignored in business. Quitting, however, requires a lot of guts.

According to Steven Bartlett, “contrary to common belief, quitting is for victors. Knowing the time to quit, change course, leave a negative environment, expect more from life, stop something that was not working, and move on is a crucial talent that individuals who succeed in life tend to possess”.

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