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Lists - June 2, 2022

3 Proven Marketing Tips to up your Business

Starting and growing a business is challenging since you must consider several factors. One of them is knowing and understanding the ideal marketing strategy for the Business.

Making a profit and remaining in business is nearly impossible without the perfect marketing technique to boost it. But, you can increase sales and put your Business in the right spot with the perfect one.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s unsure of which marketing technique to use, here are some tried-and-true strategies to consider for your Business.

Gain more tractions with On-Site SEO

One of your most necessary marketing tools is your website. It’s not merely the hub of your online presence but also an effective strategy to gain more traction.

Using PPC (pay per click) advertisements, backlinks, influencers, and the Google My Business page, you can get more visibility.

On-site SEO, also known as on-page SEO, is another essential strategy to increase your web traffic. It entails taking your current website and optimising it for organic search traffic.

To improve your on-page SEO, optimise your keywords, title and header tags, URLs, internal and external links, page loading speed, pictures, and multimedia.

Grow your podcast

Since its inception, podcast has been used as a practical and trendy marketing platform by business owners in different sectors.

However, it is not about simply having a podcast but maximising its benefits. Ensure your podcast emphasises the five phases of the marketing funnel. These are awareness, interest, consideration, intent, and purchase.

To effectively execute it, draft out strategies that can help you profit from every area of your podcasting. 

You can start by assessing the areas of marketing that your podcast is already covering. Then devise a way to protect the other parts that your podcast is yet to cover.

For instance, intent can be done by using a call to action (CTA), and your customers can be moved to buy your product by giving them exclusive podcast episodes.


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Grow your influencer network

In this social media age, business owners leverage influencers to promote their products and have access to potential customers.

Since influencers have the needed audience, they serve as the middle man that connects products to audiences that get converted to customers.

Although there are different types of influencers, the good news is they are in every sector. Influencers, however, fall under different levels: mega-influencers (more than a million followers) and macro-influencers (100,000 and a million followers).

Also, micro-influencers (1,000 and 100,000 followers) and nano-influencers (less than 1,000 followers). Although some businesses go for the million-plus followers, there is no harm in trying something unconventional. 

The nano-influencers may not be big on numbers, but they have a good number of engaged followers. Also, they can give targeted marketing on both a thematic and a geographic level.


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